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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicTelevisionOther - Television · 1 decade ago

Which episodes of the Power Rangers series (1st season to Powers in Space) most important in order?

Ten points for best answer.

Season 1

Green with evil Parts 1 - Part 5-First time a 6th ranger introduced (Tommy the Green Ranger)-some consider him the best ranger of all.

Return of an Old Part II-Tommy gains back his powers to become green ranger once again.

Season 2

White Light Part II-Tommy comes back as white ranger and stays a ranger until Turbo

Season 3

Hogday Afternoon Part II-mighty morphin Power ranger coins are destroyed, command center is destroyed leading to

Power Rangers Zeo.

A ZEO BEGINNING, PART I-first time rangers dont use morphin coins and have to face an enemy other than rita repulsa and lord zedd named king mondo.

Power Rangers Turbo

CHASE INTO SPACE PT 2-command center destroyed and power rangers enter space to become in space rangers

Power Rangers in Space

Countdown to Destruction Part2-Some of the enemies are destroyed by Zordon's wave or is converted from first season to end?

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    The following is the entire list of Power Ranger from Season one to the end of Power Rangers In Space:

    1 Day Of Dumpster

    2 High Five

    3 Teamwork

    4 A Pressing Engagement

    5 Different Drum

    6 Food Fight

    7 I, Eye Guy

    8 For Whom Bell Trolls

    9 Happy Birthday Zack

    10 No Clowning Around

    11 Power Ranger Punks

    12 Peace, Love, And Woe

    13 Foul Play In Skies

    14 Dark Warrior

    15 Switching Places

    16 Big Sisters

    17 Green With Evil

    18 Trouble With Shellshock

    19 Itsy Bitsy Spider

    20 Spit Flower

    21 Life's A Masquerade

    22 Gung Ho

    23 Wheel Of Misfortune

    24 Island Of Illusion

    25 Rockstar

    26 A Star Is Born

    27 Calamity Kimberly

    28 Yolk's On You

    29 Green Candle

    30 Birds Of A Feather

    31 Clean Up Club

    32 A Bad Reflection On You

    33 Doomsday

    34 Rita's Seed Of Evil

    35 A Pig Surprise

    36 Something Fishy

    37 Lions And Blizzards

    38 Crystal Of Nightmare

    39 To Flea Or Not To Flea

    40 Reign Of Jellyfish

    41 Plague Of Mantis

    42 Return Of An Old Friend

    43 Grumble Bee

    44 Two Heads Are Better Than One

    45 Fowl Play

    46 Trick Or Treat

    47 Second Chance

    48 On Fins And Needles

    49 Enter . . . Lizzinator

    50 Football Season

    51 Mighty Morphin Mutants

    52 An Oyster Stew

    53 Mutiny

    54 Wannabe Rangers

    55 Putty On Brain

    56 Bloom Of Doom

    57 Green Dream

    58 Power Stealer

    59 Beetle Invasion

    60 Welcome To Venus Island

    61 Song Of Guitardo

    62 Green No More

    63 Missing Green

    64 Orchestral Maneuvers In Park

    65 Beauty And Beast

    66 White Light

    67 Two For One

    68 Opposites Attract

    69 Zedd's Monster Mash

    70 Ninja Encounter

    71 A Monster Of Global Proportions

    72 Zedd Waves

    73 Power Transfer

    74 Goldar's Vice-Versa

    75 Mirror Of Regret

    76 When Is A Ranger Not A Ranger?

    77 Rocky Just Wants To Have Fun

    78 Light, Camera, Action

    79 Where There's Smoke, There's Fire

    80 Scavenger Hunt

    81 Great Bookala Escape

    82 Forever Friends

    83 A Reel Fish Story

    84 Rangers Back In Time

    85 Wedding

    86 Return Of Green Ranger

    87 Best Man For Job

    88 Storybook Rangers

    89 Wild West Rangers

    90 Blue Ranger Gone Bad

    91 A Friend In Need

    92 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-Movie

    93 Ninja Quest

    94 A Brush With Destiny

    95 Passing Lantern

    96 Wizard For A Day

    97 Fourth Down And Long

    98 Stop Hate Master

    99 Final Face-Off

    100 Potion Notion

    101 A Ranger Catastrophe

    102 Changing Of Zords

    103 Follow That Cab

    104 A Different Shade Of Pink

    105 Rita's Pita

    106 Another Brick In Wall

    107 A Chimp In Charge

    108 Master Vile And Metallic Armor

    109 I'm Dreaming Of A White Ranger

    110 Sound Of Dischordia

    111 Rangers In Reverse

    112 Alien Rangers Of Aquitar

    113 Climb Every Mountain

    114 Alien Trap

    115 Attack Of 60' Bulk

    116 Water You Thinking?

    117 Along Came A Spider

    118 Sewing Seeds Of Evil

    119 Hogday Afternoon

    120 A Zeo Beginning

    121 Shooting Star

    122 Target Rangers

    123 For Crying Out Loud

    124 Ranger In Outfield

    125 Every Dog Has His Day

    126 Puppet Blaster

    127 Invasion Of Ranger Snatchers

    128 Graduation Blues

    129 A Few Bad Seeds

    130 Instrument Of Destruction

    131 Mean Screen

    132 Mr. Billy's Wild Ride

    133 There's No Business Like Snow Business

    134 Inner Spirit

    135 Challenges

    136 Found And Lost

    137 Brother, Can You Spare An Arrowhead?

    138 Trust In Me

    139 It Came From Angel Grove

    140 Bulk Fiction

    141 Song Sung Yellow

    142 A Season To Remember

    143 Game Of Honor

    144 Power Of Gold

    145 A Small Problem

    146 Oily To Bed, Oily To Rise

    147 Rock-A-Bye Power Rangers

    148 Do I Know You?

    149 Revelations Of Gold

    150 A Golden Homecoming

    151 Mondo's Last Stand

    152 Bomber In Summer

    153 Scent Of A Weasel

    154 Lore Of Auric

    155 Ranger Who Came In From Gold

    156 Joke's On Blue

    157 Where In World Is Zeo Ranger V?

    158 King For A Day

    159 A Brief Mystery Of Time

    160 A Mystery To Me

    161 Another Song And Dance

    162 Rangers Of Two Worlds

    163 Hawaii Zeo

    164 Good As Gold

    165 Turbo: A Power Ranger Movie

    166 Shift Into Turbo

    167 Shadow Rangers

    168 Transmission Impossible

    169 Rally Ranger

    170 Built For Speed

    171 Bicycle Built For Blues

    172 Whole Lie

    173 Glyph Hanger

    174 Weight And See

    175 Alarmed And Dangerous

    176 Millennium Message

    177 A Drive To Win

    178 Cars Attack

    179 Honey, I Shrunk Rangers

    180 Passing Torch

    181 Stitch Witchery

    182 Wheels Of Fate

    183 Trouble By Slice

    184 Phantom Phenomenon

    185 Vanishing Act

    186 When Time Freezes Over

    187 Darkest Day

    188 One Last Hope

    189 Fall Of Phantom

    190 Clash Of MegaZords

    191 Robot Rangers

    192 Beware Third Wish

    193 Gardener Of Evil

    194 Fire In Your Tank

    195 Turn Of Wretched Wrench

    196 Spirit Of Woods

    197 Song Of Confusion

    198 Accident

    199 Cassie's Best Friend

    200 Curve Ball

    201 Carlos And Count

    202 Little Strong Man

    203 A Ranger Rivalry

    204 Parts And Parcels

    205 Chase Into Space

    206 From Out Of Nowhere

    207 Save Our Ship

    208 Shell Shocked

    209 Never Stop Searching

    210 Satellite Search

    211 A Ranger Among Thieves

    212 When Push Comes To Shove

    213 Craterite Invasion

    214 Wasp With A Heart

    215 Delta Discovery

    216 Great Evilyzer

    217 Grandma Matchmaker

    218 Barillian Sting

    219 T. J.'s Identity Crisis

    220 Flashes Of Darkonda

    221 Rangers' Mega Voyager

    222 True Blue To Rescue

    223 Invasion Of Body Switcher

    224 Survival Of Silver

    225 Red With Envy

    226 Silver Secret

    227 A Date With Danger

    228 Zhane's Destiny

    229 Always A Chance

    230 Search For Locket

    231 Astronema Thinks Twice

    232 Rangers' Leap Of Faith

    233 Revenge Of Dark Specter

    234 Rangers Gone Psycho

    235 Carlos On Call

    236 A Rift In Rangers

    237 Five Of A Kind

    238 Silence Is Golden

    239 Enemy Within

    240 Andros And Stowaway

    241 Mission To Secret City

    242 Ghost In Machine

    243 Impenetrable Web

    244 A Line In Sand

    245 Countdown To Destruction

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    4 years ago

    Power Rangers 1st Season

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Mine is Ninja Storm, since there is a lot of sports action as well as Ninja action all in one show. Skateboarding, surfing, and not to miss this lots of motocross.

  • 1 decade ago

    Pretty much agree with you, except that I didn't like Zeo or Turbo.

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