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How do police cars, ambulances, and parcel delivery trucks get into gated communities/apartment complexes?

Surely they can't just sit there and wait to follow someone in. Do they have a universal remote or something?

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    around here, we have to wait!!! kind of insane if you ask me... usually if it is a seasonal house, the gatekeeper will have the code... we have told them several times that they need to give ems/fire a code too, otherwise, if we cant get in, they lose everything or could die (if they were inside)..... whats funny, is they will get mad because we cut the gate down to get in.. i mean come on, if we had the code, we wouldnt have to do that.. would we???

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    Emergency vehicles in the state of California can access locked properties including commercial properties with a special key that opens a lock box that contains the keys to the property. These lock boxes are required by law and there is only one company in the state that manufactures the boxes (so they make all of the money!). Just look at the front of a strip mall and you will see a weird box kind of up high and that is it.

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    all of them have equivalent value to me, each and every seconds counts, whilst a lifestyles is in contact! A police automobile chasing a stolen automobile is lots from precedence over a hearth or ill or injured guy or woman! that isn't the accountability of well-known voters to rescue human beings from fires or positioned them out!!!! As an officer i might yield to a ambulance, yet whilst a ambulance is utilising as speedy as a guy or woman in a stolen automobile fleeing from me, i could be somewhat worried!

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    sometimes there is a generic passcode provided to

    emergency personnel - which is well gaurded, i.e. - never

    given over the open radio waves

    sometimes they are changed annually, sometimes every 6 months

    all the best

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    listen to a scanner when they go in and sometimes you can hear them give the code over the radio

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