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WATER FILTER for my turtles ============?

Do I need to have an UNDERGRAVEL water filter for my 2 baby red-eared sliders?

The water filter I have doesn't go under the gravel. I don't know if this means that the turtles' poop would most likely end up plugging the water filter if it's not under the gravel. I don't know if that would even happen. I'm totally new to this.

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    Undergravels do filter, but they are more of a biological filter. The problem with using these is that if run in the normal method (water is pulled down through the gravel and up through the tube) a lot of debris builds up under the filter plate and can clog the flow of water. With having the turtles in the tank, this would mean you would need to move the turtles, gravel, decorations, etc. and clean every few months.

    The "newer" way to use them is to use a reverse-flow powerhead to push water down the tube and up through the gravel. This still lets the bacteria detoxify the wastes, but doesn't let as much material build up underneath. Usually, in this method, you still have another filter above the gravel to collect the particles.

    I like using an in-tank filter like these: http://www.thatpetplace.com/pet/group/10611/produc... that can be turned on their side so the can be used in a minimal amount of water, or a canister filter that sits outside the tank: http://www.thatpetplace.com/pet/group/23234/produc... Having a filter will keep your water quality better, but it's also important to get one that's easy to get to so you clean it as often as you should, otherwise, the wastes still sits in the water as the stuff that gets caught in the filter decomposes.

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    No. If you have red-eared sliders you shouldn't be using gravel anyway. They can eat it if it's smaller than their heads and then it could clog up their digestive tract and lead to death and/or expensive vet bills.

    Plus turtles are too messy and it will just clog up anyway.

    You need a non-undergravel filter. When you move them into a tank bigger than like a 20 gallon you should get a canister filter.

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    No, the only things you should have are a filter and a heater. Maybe get a bubbler if you want. Also, you should take out the gravel that is in your tank. It makes cleaning a lot easier, also red ear slider turtles eat gravel and it gets stuck in their sytems and they end up dying.

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    Undergravel filters are not actual filters, they are more for putting air in the water in a fish tank, typically used in conjunction with a powerhead. I would see no benefit to having one with turtles.

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    i have a red eared slider and i have a filter that sticks to the glass and is underwater but now under the bottom. i got the filter we have at petco and it keeps the tank really clean

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    i dunno but its good to see the cookie monster is out of rehab...

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