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How do you become a professional hunter?

My husband is a wonderful hunter every deer he has shot in the past 10 yrs has been P&Y. I would love more than anything to help him find a way to help him gain his dream job. Thanx!!

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    All you have to do to become a professional hunter is get paid to do it. There's a few ways to do this.

    The first is to join the DNR in one of the north-western states that has a wolf control program. He'll be able to shoot wolves from helicopters to his hearts content. I have a feeling that's not what you're looking for, though.

    If you want him to make professional hunting videos, just have him bring along a good camera, and have some way to mount it so it captures everything. Have him explain everything he's doing, tell a few anecdotes or something, and then send the tapes to some sporting video company. Hopefully, they'll like it, and sponsor him to make more and better videos, which they'll then silly name and a flashy logo and sell for 19.99 next to the cash register at the local Gander Mtn. or Big 5 sporting goods store.

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    Professional Hunter

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    Hard question. It might be easier to find a job as a hunting guide. To do this he should contact any hunting outfits or hunting ranches in your area. To become a professional hunter would be harder without connections to some magazine or show willing to pay a person to hunt and report about it.

    Like someone else suggested, find a PH and ask him about it.

    Good luck.


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    "Professional Hunter" could mean two things: he is paid to kill, or he is paid to hunt. There are a lot more jobs guiding other hunters to make their special kill than there are getting paid to do the killing. People spend the big BUCKS for access to private land where I live (Colorado), and there are many outfitters who are looking for guides every year. Once you guide for someone who has a sucessfull hunt, they will very likely want you to guide them again, and will tip as well.

    So, either have someone tape your hunts and try to get sponsored, or obtain access to private land and start an outfitting company, or work for an established outfitter and gain a clientele base. If you are making money doing it, you are a pro. Good luck!

    Source(s): I have worked for several outfitters.
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      tele-mon..I have an 11 year old son and he wants to be involved with hunting when he gets older. I want to start him out with all the best information possible. It seems that you are more well versed about the subject. Can you tell me exactly what to do? (email: Thanks

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    It would depend on the country and/or state in which he resides. Your best bet would be to talk to a PH in the area where he would be working. As an aside, it is nice to see a wife support her husband in his desires.


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