Psychology- Science and math?

I am interested in applying to SMA (Science and Math Academy) anyone in my county can apply to this high school. They only accept 50 freshman every year. I want to go into Clinical psychology, i am having trouble with my essay and how i would link my career choice into why i want to go there.

I don't want to be too specific though (or should I be?)I went to the open house last night and most of the seniors were explaining there senior project. Half of them are working at John's Hopkins with doctors there for whatever there interested in. The other half are doing things on our army base with engineering and etc. So im kind of nervous because the school is so advance. I have friends who go there though and they are really smart, i've been told i think on a "higher" level, but i believe everyone can do it. Im having trouble figuring out what i should write to get in because there are A LOT of intelligent people in my school who are applying, not to mention the other hundred(s).

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