I don't understand stocks.?

I have to write about Macy*s finance. I'm not 100% sure, but my professor told me to check out the stocks. I go on to Yahoo.com and click on finance. I check the Macy*s stock, but I'm just confused. I don't get it. Can anyone help? Maybe explain a little bit to me?


ctr.tennis- Don't be an idiot. First of all, there is no book. All I want is someone to explain how to understand the stocks. You're welcomed for the points, even though you really did nothing.

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    Stock is little bits of a publically-traded company. A private company is owned by an individual company or group. A public company is owned by anyone who owns stock in it. The more stocks, the more ownership, and the more available money the company has to do work with.

    The value of the stock keeps changing, often as a response to owner confidence in the company. If something appears to be wrong (like quarterly profits are down or there's a scandal in the CEO's office), fewer people might want to wn the stock and so more stock is available on the market but fewer people want to buy. This pushes the price of the stock down until someone decides it's enough of a bargain to buy again.

    If there's good news (Sales are up, or another company wants to offer enough money to buy out your company), then more people will want to own it and will be willing to pay more per share. So following the trend of the stock value can give you an idea of the financial health and stability of the company. At least so far.

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    when u see macy's stock reports u get a few figures

    the one that is labeled "last price" or something like that is the current price to buy 1 stock

    another figure is the "day change"

    this compares yesterday's price to today's price

    if its red, it means the stock lowered in price

    black means the opposite

    it will say something like "0.51 (-1.71%)

    the first part is the cents that went down, the second specifying the percent it went down (they're the same info, just in different format)

    the last is "volume"

    that just means how many stocks are sold to a variety of people

    the more stocks u have, the more of the company u own, and more of a say in company decisions

    the other point of stocks is to buy them cheap, and hold them for as long as u can (assuming the stocks raise and the company is growing)

    sell them and u make a profit

    hoped this helped

    Source(s): i used to do stock investing
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    What do you mean "macy's finance" exactly? Macy's offers their own credit card and ins tore charge card.

    Macy's also has corporate finance to spend and borrow money to build, grow and operate their business. I don't think the stock will help you in either case

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    Stocks are shares in a corporation - it refers to ownership of the corporation.

    Say a corporation issued 1 million shares and you have 10,000 shares of this stock, then you own 1% of the company. Earnings released by the corporation to stock holders are called dividends.

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    He's trying to get free answers here to avoid reading and learning. Please don't answer this guy. Read the book your "Professor" is teaching from.

    ", but I'm just confused. I don't get it. Can anyone help?"


    PS :: thanks for my 2 points...."Ca'ching!"

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