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name 20 horror movies?

2 points name the scaries and movie with gore in it . Horror night at my house.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    The Descent

    I Spit on Your Corpse I Piss on Your Grave

    RawHead Rex


    American Gothic

    The Exorcist

    28 Days Later

    The Revenge of the Living Dead Girls


    The Mangler

    Night of the Demons

    Evil Dead

    Bad Taste

    The Howling

    Dusk Till Dawn




    Nightmare on Elm St



    Fortress (not the chistopher lambert movie)

    The Ice Cream Man


    Red Shoes (one of my favorites)

    Soft For Digging

    i can keep going if you want more

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  • 1 decade ago

    Here are 20 of my favorites not all gory but great movies under the horror genre and I didn't include any sequels :o)

    1. Nightmare on Elmstreet

    2. Hellraisers

    3. Event Horizon

    4. The Ring

    5. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    6. Poltergeist

    7. Evil Dead

    8. Psycho

    9. Crawl Space

    10. Stir of Echoes

    11. Children of the Corn

    12. The Omen

    13. Jaws

    14. Jurrasic Park

    15. Army of Darkness

    16. Aliens

    17. The Shining

    18. Jacobs Ladder

    19. The Thing

    20. Sixth Sense

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  • 1 decade ago

    The Fog

    The Fly

    A Nightmare on Elm Street

    The Entity

    the Blair Witch Project

    Near Dark



    the Hills have Eyes

    Salem's Lot

    The Shining

    My Little Eye




    Evil Dead

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    the Omen

    in the Mouth of Madness

    Silent Hill

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  • 1 decade ago

    1. Pyscho

    2. Halloween

    3. Halloween 2

    4. Halloween 3

    5. Halloween H20

    6. Nightmare on Elm Street

    7. Nightmare on Elm Street 2

    8. Nightmare on Elm Street 3.

    9. I know what You Did Last Summer

    10. Scream

    11. Scream 2

    12. The Fog

    13. Friday the 13th

    14. Leperchaun

    15. American Werewolf in London

    16. Amityville Horror

    17. The Exorcist

    18. The Other

    19. The Omen

    20. Wolf

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  • 1 decade ago

    I was just looking at wikipedia about 2 of my favorite horror movies:

    HellRaiser and Nightmare on Elm street. Others would be:

    The Ring series, The Eye, The Grudge, Saw series, The Exorcist, The Omen, Amityville, Psycho, Child's Play, Candyman, Scream, Leprechaun, The Hills Have Eyes, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Final Destination, Poltergeist, It, and Friday the 13th.

    There are others that I also like.

    Ominous, I liked all your answers..they're funny...LOL

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  • 1 decade ago


    The Grudge


    Friday the 13th

    The Innocents

    The Village

    The Shining

    The Stand




    Blair Witch Project


    Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    The Evil Dead 2


    The Amityville Horror

    Thirteen Ghosts

    Nightmare on Elm Street


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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. American psycho

    2. The night of the living dead

    3. The exorcist

    4. house on the haunted hill

    5. Texas chainsaw massacre

    6. A nightmare on Elm street

    7. Halloween

    8. Silence of the lambs

    9. Candyman


    11. Hellraiser

    12. The Shining

    13. The amity ville horror

    14. The omen

    15. Stephen king's IT

    16. Poltergeist

    17. Dawn of the Dead

    18. Jason x

    19. house of 1000 corpses

    20. Child's play

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  • 1 decade ago

    1 Slaughter House

    2 Prom Night

    3 Killer Clowns

    4 Monkey Paw

    5 Friday The 13th

    6 The Fog

    7 Frieght Night

    8 The Dead Zone

    9 Return of The Living Dead

    10 Evil Dead

    11 What Lies Beneath

    12 Scary Movie

    13 Corpes Bride

    14 Zodiac

    15 Haunted House

    16 Soriety Girls Die

    17 The Dead Pool

    18 The Legend of Boggy Creek

    19 The Ring

    20 the best scary movie of all time is none othert than that of

    Barney and Friends!

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  • 5 years ago

    1)Amityville horror, 2)bloody Mary, 3)Carrie, 4)cujo, 5)candy man, 6)Christine, 7)dolly dearest, 8)evil inside, 9)frightners, 10)friday the 13th, 11)hellraiser, 12)ice cream man, 13)lovers lane, 14)mama, 15)my soul to take, 16) hills have eyes, 17)omen, 18) Ouija, 19) polterghiest , 20) sleepwalkers

    Extra..... Tremors, world war z, nightmare on elm st, Freddy vs Jason, predator, predator vs alien, Jason x, boogie man

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  • 1 decade ago

    the exorcist

    the omen

    house of 1000 corpses

    devil's rejects

    dawn of the dead


    texas chainsaw massacre

    thirteen ghosts

    amityville horror

    the shining


    cabin fever

    28 days later

    28 weeks later

    the hills have eyes

    nightmare on elm street

    stay alive

    saw 1,2,3

    Hostle 1&2

    With sequels there are 20 here

    Source(s): all in my collection
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