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Boost television signal by using 2 hdtv antennas to the same tv?

will it work?


i can't use outdoor antenna. Currently, i have one indoor amplified antenna. Howeve, picture is still grainy. I hope that if i use 2 indoor antennas, then it will be better. I am not sure if this will work

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    No it will not work.

    Get the correct type of antenna. You may want to look at directional element outdoor antennas. Amplifiers may help but remember these are dumb and will not amplify what is not there, a signal.

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    It's very unlikely to work for you.

    Rather than try using two antennas together, I suggest that you take an educated guess at which indoor antenna is best for your location and try it.

    If you add your zip code and a close by address (don't post your actual address!) and discribe where the antenna is located, someone will probably give you an opinion.

    If you want to do it yourself:

    A grainy picture sounds like you just aren't getting a strong enough signal. Find out if the local stations are all UHF (analog channel 14-69) or if you also have VHF-low (analog 2-6) or VHF-high (analog 7-13).

    If you are trying to receive digital stations you have to look up the real (also called "actual" or "RF") frequency; the channel numbers like "7.1" do not correspond to the actual frequency. (All digital channels (DTV & HDTV) are not in the UHF band, dispite what "Biker Rob" thinks.)

    Use the first link below to find these plus the direction & distance to the transmitters.

    Read the antenna reviews at the second link.

    For a mixture of VHF & UHF, a Winegard SS-3000 Sharp Shooter Indoor HDTV/DTV Antenna is a good choice. If they are all UHF, perhaps a Channel Master CM 4220 Two-Bay HDTV / UHF Antenna with a Channel Master TV Antenna Preamplifier Model 7777. (If you don't like the looks of it you can always put it in a cardboard box and wrap it in (non-metallic) wraping paper.)

    Keep in mind that with any antenna, you may have to play around with it's location and orientation.

    If you have an attic, you might consider putting a small "outside" antenna in it.

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    May help, but a better single antenna would work better or try a signal booster. The HDTV signal is transmitted on the UHF frequency and does not require a special antenna just a good UHF antenna will work fine.

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    Your two antennas will interfere with each other and cause the picture to break up.

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