My Luv Life Please HELP ME!!!!!?

ok im in this big dilemma i jus start talking to this guy like 4 months ago i knw thas a short period of time to feel like i have deep feelings for him. but heres the catch i knew he was talkn 2 other girls a 1st i didnt really care but now its starting to bother me i dnt knw what 2 do n he dnt want me talkn 2 other guys so i dnt i feel stupid..... wat should i do??????????

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  • Rinzy
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    1 decade ago
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    tell him you would like to be exclusive and if he has a problem then he is not worth your time

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    If you're mature enough to get married (after all that's what REAL dating is for), tell him how you've been feeling. DO NOT tell him you're madly in love with him, want to have his baby, would offer up your soul for him etc. That makes you vulnerable. Just tell him the modest truth, that you have more serious feelings for him than you did 4 months ago, and that you would like to make the relationship exclusive. He may say, what exactly does exclusive mean. Again DO NOT say it means you can't talk to any other girls. That also makes you vulnerable. No guy wants to be controlled. So again modestly explain: you would like to be his 1 girlfriend, the only one he's kissing, loving... Mention that you know he has other female friends but that if he's interested in a relationship with you you'd like him to just be respectful of the exclusive relationship. If it's a go for him, you all will spend more time together and the rest will come. Never nag, never accuse, never lie....

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    just be in his face about it not in a mean way do it for fun. just be all like "ohh i see how it is you can talk to girls but i can't talk to guys? that's a bit one sided. MmmHmm i see how you are. pssh w/e. and just junk like that. make sure he know's you're joking but it'll get him thinking. but here's something to think about just for you. if he doesn't want to to talk to other guys then he thinks that you're going to be all flirty or something and that my dear is exactly what he's doing to you. just be all innocent and say "what don't you trust me? " it should get the point across.

  • 1 decade ago

    what you should do is tell him that you want to have an exclusive relationship with him and he's not allowed to talk to other girls if you're not allowed to talk to other boys.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    HE AINT YA LOVE LIFE. and your too young. why cant you get that in your bloody head. you dont even know what love stop complaining

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