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Why do some people stay in long-term relationships and yet...?

...say that they don't see themselves marrying the person that they're with right now?

I know too many people who are like this. Some of them have been together for as long as 4 years, and they're still together. I don't understand it at all. Isn't the point of dating to find that special someone that you'll want to spend the rest of your life with? And even if they don't want to marry, why lead the other on if the relationship is not going to go anywhere?

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    It's tough to give up something that you're used to.

    Like think of high school, college or a job. You know it's going to end sometime, and a lot of the time, people when they're about to leave would say that they'd like to stick around. It's because you're "used" to the way things are now. You know it may not be perfect, and pretty sure you don't want to be there forever, but, you don't want to do anything else, unless something (that you know for a fact to be better) better comes along.

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    Being too comfortable & neglecting to make an effort with maintainence of relationship may lead to lack of appreciation, boredom, disrespect or carelessness yet share a sense of security from remaining together for so long. So they choose to tolerate the other until something comes along instead of fixing what they already have.

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    relation means love, faith .halps and both depanded on each other, people living their live by his own way, the situation has change and come on 21th century and boys and girls are like to live in the modern society and foreign policy so their relation is staying for long time .

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    Maybe because they are comfortable and don't want to necessarily venture out in the dating world, though it seems like they should.

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    i feel the same way you do, and me and my significant other just got into a fight about it the other day. it is something that i really don't understand

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    maybe they really do see themself with that person but are too afraid of getting hurt to admit it

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    Because they are comfortable and dont want any change....

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