Do I have to give a speech in class?

My teacher/professor said that as part of our grade, each student in the class has to give a speech. So I typed up my biography(which is the required speech we had to do.) I, however, am not a fan of giving speeches in front of a class, of which others would have similar feelings I am sure. Since part of the grade is on the speech writing (which i typed and printed out to hand in), then I get that grade I think. So, have you ever seen or been like this yourself, where you refuse to stand up and do it? Some people might have anxiety problems,etc, so it's understandable. But the teacher cannot force you, correct? (I'd appreciate answers that are not harsh.)

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    You can refuse anything I guess...but the truth is you cannot live in a hole your entire life. At some point you're going to have to present something in front of a group. Everytime you do it it gets a little easier. No, imagining them in their underwear doens't work or any "tricks" like that.

    I was the same way and actually had to give a presentation in front of the ENTIRE 8th grade class-not just one class-EVERYONE including teachers. Can you imagine the anxiety?! I tried to think of all kinds of ways to get out of it-but i sucked it up and just spoke.

    It's funny, there have been studies asking people if they'd rather go to the dentisi and get a root canal, go to the gynecologist, etc or give a'd be amazed how many picked the docs.

    My relief is humor. When I first get up there try to make the mood lighter and get used to the fact that I'm in the front and people are staring at me. So I crack a joke or something. Then I make sure I take a breath between sentences and relax.

    Also, remember they all have to get up there and talk. Odds are you are NOT the only one feeling that way.

    But don't give up on yourself before you even try...

    And interestingly enough I now do presentations in front of 30+ people 2 x's a month and teach several classes-that's alot of public speaking! I believe you can do it:)

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    you do have a choice but as any choices some come with consequenses.. your's would be a no grade on that part of class!

    sucks but you got to do it!

    I went to school to be a dj so we did a lot of speeches and stuff!

    i loved it!

    but i have seen so many struggle throught it!

    I wish you luck stand up for yourself but remember you will one day have to stand up and either give a presentation and or accept a reward or even teach what you know to someone! '

    I would try to get help for your anxiety and give it a shot.. youw ould be amazed at how filled your life is when you take risks like these!

    Best wishes

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    I've often felt that the anxiety we feel when we "have to give a speech" is based partly on how WE feel about the subject we are talking about. This biography you spoke of? Did someone tell you to write a biography of that particular person? Or is it someone who genuinely fascinates you? If it's the first question, if YOU'RE not genuinely interested, you sense, correctly, that the class may not be genuinely interested either. It's almost as if you're trying to be someone you're not. This ALWAYS leads to anxiety.

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    I managed to con my way out of having to give speeches until College. They didn't care what your reason was then and merely gave you a 0 if you didn't do it. The short answer is, you are going to have to get over your fear of giving speeches at some point in life; Its up to you how long you want to prolong that. With enough determination you can get out of doing just about anything though...

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    As hard as it might be, I would talk to your teacher about your anxiety. Many people have this fear, so maybe your teacher will offer some suggestions or give you some more options. Good luck. I always hated giving speeches myself.

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