can u help me find core requirements on college websites? are they even on their sites?

i want to transfer to one of the following school but im not sure which one yet so im going to see if there are any classes they have in common that i need to take and im going to take them classes this semester.

west chester university

temple university

cabrini college

Arcadia college

and if u know anything about these colleges can you give me your opion


the problem is i don't know what my major is yet. this is only my 1st semester and im looking to pick classes for my 2nd semester and i just want to have a idea of the classes i need that can transfer. i went on their sites i can't find it. right now my major is liberal arts but i want to change it to education i think.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    look for the graduation requirements for your major in each of the school's websites.

    Those are the easiest ways.

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