mini story ideas?

the title of the story HAS to be Without Warning

only a small story, 2 pages long, what should my basic plot like be though?

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    1 decade ago
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    -Could be about an unexpected pregnancy and how it affect the people involved.

    -Could be a sudden illness/ death

    -An accident that happened when there were no warning signs.

    -Break up of a relationship when all seemed to be going well.

    -it could be about anything but then one of the characters says "without warning" as part of what they're saying when discussing the main plot of the story.

    Just a few ideas there. Remember and if its only 2 pages just try to keep characters down to 2/3 most as you won't have time to develop them much and don't put in too much happening or else it'll have no description and seem really dry.

    Good luck, Louise xxx

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    1 decade ago

    Try writing a story about someone who lies alot and what kind of consequences they have to pay. It should be easy to write a short story about that. Maybe how someone cheats on a test, or lies to their parents about drug, or cheats on their boyfriend or girlfriend. Try to write something you had a personal experience with. Maybe not what you would lie about but maybe a friend would.

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    Make it about a person who is always doing wrong things and suddenly finds himself lost in his thoughts, waking up and feeling guilty. He "without warning", wakes up and realizes he needs to purify himself and become a good person.

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