Which is worth more - a gallon of quarters or a gallon of dimes?

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    Dimes. Quarters are about 2.5 the volume of dimes, but dimes, being smaller can pack in more efficiently. see here - http://www.jhu.edu/~jhumag/0904web/letters.html I don't see how the answer below mine could be true. He's assuming they fit together with no air space, which obviously is not the case. In the link I posted, the guy that says dimes is a mathematician and an engineer. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solomon_W._Golomb

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    From the U.S. Mint


    8.33% Ni

    Balance Cu Cupro-Nickel

    2.268 g

    1.35 mm thick

    17.91 mm diameter


    8.33% Ni

    Balance Cu

    5.670 g

    1.75 mm thick

    24.26 diameter

    They are the same composition and the weight ratio is exactly 2.5 to 1 which makes sense since the coins are the same as when they were actually silver.

    The one variable in your question would be how tightly packed they can be. Assuming they were layered and packed as tightly as possible, the would have the same packing arrangement of circle next to circle. While spaces between quarters would be larger than dimes, the ratio of space to coins should be the same. If you take US mint dimension given however, the volume ratio of the coins is only 2.378 to one which would indicate that quarters have a greater $/volume ratio than dimes, so I would say quarters.

    Perhaps it has something to do with engraving which reduces some material below the edge thickness of the coins.

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    dimes are smaller than quarters and the value is not based on the metal's value but on the face value.so the gallon of dimes would be worth more.

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    A dime has a volume of 0.018 cubic inches and a quarter has a volume of 0.038 cubic inches.

    That would mean in a gallon, there would be about 13,000 dimes, worth $1,300.

    And in a gallon, there would be about 6,000 quarters, worth $1,500.

    So the quarters would be worth more.

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    Dimes are smaller, you can fit more of them in a gallon, I'm thinking that is the answer. Do you have more info, like how many of each fit into 1 cup?

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    A gallon of quarters

  • 6 years ago

    Dumbasses ... fill the gallon jug ... then pour them out and COUNT them! DUH!!

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