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Is there any other way to place songs in the ipod without using the itunes store?

I have just gotten my ipod which is 4gb nano.Most of the songs that I want to place in my ipod are stored in the windows media player. Please Help!!

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    download them from limewire. Just dounload limewire. and you can get free songs.

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    You DO need to use iTunes to put the music on your iPod. You do NOT need to purchase music from the iTunes Music Store (I don't). Here's what you do:

    1.) Locate the folder on your computer that is storing your WMP music. Try looking in [Start> My Music]. If it is not there use the search feature [Start> Search] to locate the music.

    2.) Then download iTunes (

    3.) In iTunes go to [Edit> Preferences> Advanced] and make sure there is a check mark next to:

    -- Keep iTunes Music Folder Organized &

    -- Copy Files To iTunes Music Folder When Adding To Library

    4.) Click [OK]

    5.) Make sure the Music Library is displayed by clicking [Music] in the left hand column under Library.

    6.) Now drag and drop the WMP music you located in Step 1 into the iTunes interface.

    7.) You will be prompted to allow iTunes to convert the files.

    8.) Click [OK]

    9.) Done.

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    Unless you are very computer savvy, it would be hard to sync your iPod without iTunes.

    Your best bet is to just install iTunes on your computer.

    Just go to the downloads section of

    This is the easiest and most common way to sync (transfer) music to an iPod.

    To fully answer your question though, there are other iPod clients out there, which you still have to download.

    These come with more options, but have to be fully configured to get use from them.

    If you need steps on installing iTunes and transferring music, email me at jakeklompsATgmailDOTcom

    Anyone else who needs help, feel free to email me as well.

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    You'll need to use iTunes to add songs to your iPod. It's not hard at all. If most of your music is stored in WMP, then just open up iTunes and import those songs. Then hook up your iPod and sync it to iTunes and you're good to go!

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    u can transfer them using that... or just downlaod itunes... and add the songs to ur library and transfer

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    i too got this nano 4 gb this week...

    and frankly itune is very easy to download and work...

    need any help buzz me...

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