My Mother Taught us Manners.?

Like please, thank you, respect, morals, and boundaries, and honesty and all that since we were little children. We 3 children were instructed all the same way.

Now, I have two brothers who do not retain their manners and sometimes don't care about using them.

So, if you saw a man with bad manners or lack of etqiuette you would blame the mother, right? BUT what if the mother did teach him, and she feels ashamed that her son doesn't want to use them. Is that a reflection on him/her?


we are now in our 40's

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    At this stage of the game - no. You mother did what you could. We all have free will. They have chosen in their adult life to disregard the lessons of their upbringing. It is great that you still choose to have manners. Carry on!

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    if someone is in their 40's and has no manners---it's their own fault. you turned out fine so i'm sure your mother isn't at fault. some people just go through life thinking it is ok to treat other people like crap. i don't think it's a reflection on the mom, especially with you guys being the age you are. Your old enough to take responsibility. If your brothers act that way-it's just because they think people don't deserve to be treated any better.

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    I don't think so. It is the mother's responsibility to train her children to the best of her ability... I would say that is true. But as adults the consequences of his/her actions are his/hers alone... not their mother's.

    There are plenty of people with horrible or absent parents who turn out wonderful. And plenty of people with good, honest, hardworking, loving parents who turn out awful. It's odd but it often works that way.

    On a similar note, I think too many people use their rotten childhoods as a crutch. I think that's awful. Part of being a great person is overcoming unfavorable circumstances. Even if one's whole childhood is an unfavorable circumstance.

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    At 40...he's definitely to blame. Your mom has did her job. I believe it was Coolio that said once "kids are grown, they're gotta leave 'em alone" meaning that children have to grow up in this world and make their own way. So if a person chooses to ignore his manners, then he's to blame. He made that choice.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Mom did nothing wrong, once the children are gone mom isn't at fault for their actions.

  • pete
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    1 decade ago

    No, because by the time you are that age, how YOU act is a reflection on YOU.

  • 1 decade ago

    If people choose not to use manners, then it's all their fault.

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