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Eggs gone bad?

What is a good rule of thumb when it comes to eggs and the date on the package? My roommate has always said to throw it away when it hits the date on the package, but I was just told by someone else they are good for probably a week or more after that.

I have eggs that say November 24th on the package, safe to assume they're still good or should I test them first (smelling? cracking them in water?)


"Leather jackets" = ???

Update 2:

Nevermind, I'm slow today...still working on breakfast and need my "morning" coffee wake up call. LOL, good one though.

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    It's usually pretty easy to spot the bad eggs by looking for leather jackets and smelling for smoke.

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    Fill a mug or measuring cup with water. Place the uncracked raw egg(s) into the mug or cup, if it stays on the bottom of the cup or mug, it is still safe to consume. If it bobs in the water, or floats to the top, it is no longer any good to eat.

    Good luck and have a good day.

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    First crack them in a separate bowl before adding them to the other ingredients.

    But in most cases, better safe than sorry - you might need to buy some more eggs!

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    to test the eggs - fill the sink or a large pot with water. put the eggs in. if they float toss them. I do this even with eggs I just bought. It would suprise you how many are bad and you not know it till too late.

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    a week after the date, they are still okay..but be sure to store them in the back of the frig..so they stay cold, and keep longer

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