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Over the last few weeks, I have been stressed out from a number of things (some of it involves school and whatnot). I feel that around most of my friends I seem like a pretty depressed and way too laidback person. I try to be nice to everyone and I try to put on a good face, but at the same time it's deep down inside of me I'm not too happy about. my friend brought it up with me today saying that i sounded mean and another mentioned how I don't always sound happy when I say hi to them. The thing is I am a pretty quiet person and while I may not greet someone with a happy smile or cheery voice, I am still happy to see them regardless. I don't know whether it's the stress or is it just my attitude. I have no clue, so if anyone could provide advice that would be great. Thanks!

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    The worst thing that you could do is keep it bottled up inside you. Tell someone like your family or your friends. Tell your friends that you are sorry that you sound mean or sad and if you want tell them why.

    Good luck.

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    I have the same issue.

    stress is heavy onto people. i suggest telling them that you are just a little sad and not to worry. telling them will let them know that their friend is still there.

    if you want an active goal, try yoga. i did, and man does it help! i feel so much happier in the morning!

    and i wouldn't fake it. be how you feel. when i'm sad i moan and groan and my friends just pat my back and say, "cheer up, tomorrow's another day" have somethign to look forward to. maybe a show on TV, or something that you don't usually get to cheer you on. at school, i know life seems suckish- maybe organizing everything you need. like so when you go to math class instead of being in a rush you are able to relax as you go. and maybe packing your lunch and spruce up your day.

    but relax, and hope this helps:)

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