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Calling all post-menopausal woman!?

I'm almost 55 years old and stopped taking hormone replacement about 6 months ago, after having used estrogen patchs for about 7 years . I loved how I felt while taking it, but both my dr. and my husband wanted me to quit, 'cuz they were worried about the (very small) risk of breast cancer.

Bottom line is that I just don't feel as well as I did before. I've lost a bit of my lust for life and quite a bit of my energy. But the worst part that I have developed a lot of pain in my hips - the muscles and ligaments. They hurt so bad that the pain wakes me up several times at night. My whole body feels stiff and achy. I've also gained weight - almost all in my belly, which hate with a passion!

I'm very tempted to go back on hormone therapy. I've talked with some friends and co-workers about this, and most of them have either never stopped taking estrogen, or they went back on it due to the loss the feeling of well-being.

Any advice?

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    Well I am on the patch for 20 years now. There was a very brief period (6 month) I tried to stop but my life became hell. I suffered from severe hot flashes, dryness everywhere, mood swings, I just could not bear it. I weigh the dangers against the quality of my life. I discussed it with my gynecologist (a woman) she told me to go ahead and use the patches, maybe reduce the quantity in winter when the hot flashes won't bother me that much (I cut now the patch into two halves) . My well being my sleep, my good mood are more important to me, I would not want to continue my life without the HRT. I go every year for a mammogram and a gynecological check up. I know the risks and I am willing to take them, and this is your decision only not your husband's or doctor's, this is my opinion. Good luck.

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