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Is America liberal, moderate, or conservative country?

Would a liberal, moderate, or conservative candidate be most popular right now?

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    It is a moderate country ran by the fringes of both the liberal and conservative elements.

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    You've only told us about social issues. How do you feel about fiscal issues. Such as taxes, government spending on social programs, foreign policy, monetary policy, etc. Need more info here. I totally agree with Kirk Spock. You do sound confused. And like a Liberal to me. NOT a Libertarian! Whoever said that is obviously not a true Libertarian as I am and doesn't know what it means. Libertarians do not condone affirmative action or banning automatic weapons. They also do not support the draft or national healthcare. You are very much a socialist liberal to me. Have you not thought about the results of these things you are in favor of? Have you read the Constitution and Bill of Rights? We the People have a right to bear arms, it doesn't say what kind. Don't try to take away that right from me or I'll come after you! Also, Why in the world would you support affirmative action??? You must not be white & have never had another kid get accepted to college over you just because they were a minority (even though their GPA was lower...B.S.) Yet you say you support equal rights. How the f*ck is that equal if you're automatically giving minorities preference?We would like to see an explanation please, as I'm not the only person wondering this. I just want to know how in the world you rationalize this thinking of yours. Thank you.

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    Conservative. The vast, vast majority of this country is traditional, Judeo-Christian, and conservative. If you are talking about population the country is split very evenly, but the liberal areas tend to be concentrated in population centers. Click on the link I posted below and it will show you a county by county map of election results for the 2004 Presidential election, a race that was very, very polarized. You'll see that very few counties are blue (Democratic) whereas most of the map is red (Republican). The blue counties, however, are focused on San Fransisco, LA, New York, Chicago, Boston etc etc. These areas represent a small portion of the country but they contain about half of the population. This is why we have an electoral college - To offset the disparity between urban and rural citizens and small states and big states.

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    When you get right down to America is sort of moderate conservative. We prefer a moderately religious candidate, there is instant outrage over nudity on prime time TV, people go nuts over vulgar language on the airwaves, really prefer sexual preferences and practices stay behind closed doors. We've been a very conservative nation swung to liberal extremes and now are in a very sticky adjustment period of gaining a balanced middle ground.

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    I believe it's evenly divided between conservatives and liberals, although the US is considered the most conservative of the Western English-speaking Countries

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    Conservative more than 3rd world countries

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    it varies like a pendulum but is mostly around the center most of the time

    during Carter to the left

    during Reagan over to the right

    during Bush #1 just right of center

    during Clinton a little left of center

    , during bush to the far right

    expect a lefty next time

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    Depends on where you are. I would have to say more conservative than liberal tho.

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    A conservative candidate...Duncan Hunter or Fred Thompson.

    If you look at history, the more liberal policies we have, (Food Stamps, Medicaid, SSI) the more abuse of the system we have. I'm not saying everyone does it- but how many of you know at least one person using at least one of the programs listed above, and they have a nicer car than you, always have new cell phones, it just irritates me. We used to be an "I can do it" country---now we've become a "womb to tomb, take care of me" nation and it makes me want to SCREAM!!!!!

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    I would say most Americans are moderate but they are being torn to extremes by the menacing media.

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