Homeschooled snice 7th grade?

I'm 16 yrs. old almost 17 yrs. old and I have no friends whatsoever. Expect for a couple friends I have online. I've been home schooled since 7th grade. I've had friends before I began homeschooling but it didn't last after that. I don't know how to meet people since I don't go to school there no way I can meet people. My family isn't very religious so I don't go to any church groups or anything. Any help?! I'm bored out of my mind at home and my parents don't help.

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    I know just how you feel. I was homeschooled up to 9th grade. I had a lot of friends, but I always wanted more. I went to public school for the first time as a high school freshman this year. I like public school better than homeschooling because I got to see my friends on a regular basis and I made A TON of new friends. But, if you still want to be homeschooled, here's what I did to make friends. Most YMCA's offer Homeschool activities up to age 18, I would join one of those and there was this acadamy place near me that offered class every Tuesday, and it was kind of like a regular school day once a week. Except, for they had fun classes like art, gym, drama, choir and stuff like that. Since, you're old enough, you could also get a part or full time job at a retail store or something like that and make friends there. You could join a gym and make conversation with whoever is near you. Just try to be friendly and who knows you might become best friends. Remember to smile and look nice too. Don't look sloppy or anything, I defintely would not want friends that were sloppy or dirty looking. Also, try to make friends with people your age or around your age that live in your neighborhood. Good luck!!!!!

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    Well, there are places you can meet people, but you have to take advantage of them.

    You could...

    Get a job

    Volunteer at a library/shelter/etc.

    Gain an internship having to do with whatever your interests are

    Sign up for co op classes

    Sign up for concurrent enrollment at a local college

    Join a homeschool group

    Find things going on in your area that interest you and take part

    Be on a sports team (homeschool or city league)

    I know it's different than when you were in school, but you really can get out there and do it. It just takes more initiative on your part. At 16, there are tons of things that you can do.

    If you choose not to...that's your choice. However, you can do it. :-)

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    *Find homeschooling groups in your area: do an online search for _yourstate homeschool_ and _yourcity homeschool_; also try Yahoo Groups for this.

    *Look for community-based lessons (swimming, tennis, art, cooking, anything--there may be things set up specifically for teens) or group activities (scouts, book clubs, etc.) through things like recreation centres, city-funded programs, Yellow Pages, newspaper.

    *Ask at your library/hospital or any other place you can think of about volunteer opportunities for teens and if they know about other things available.

    It's a shame your parents aren't helping you out with this at all. Homeschooling doesn't have to mean and shouldn't mean being home all the time.

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    Well, you said you just don't know how to meet people. That needs to change, because in the real world, no one hands friends to you on a platter. School isn't like the real world, you won't be crammed into a classroom with 30 other people the rest of your life.

    The best way to make friends is to be involved in activities you enjoy and meet them that way. As homeschoolers, we do many things to be social, not just church. We go to the library, volunteer at Food for Friends, we're in a cooking class, science experiment club, scouts, band, sports and more. My teen just made a friend at walmart listening to his mp3 player, they both had the same music blaring!

    You have to work harder, but the friends you make will be closer. There are a million ways to make friends esp now that you are old enough to have a job, volunteer without parents, and travel by yourself. Start by finding something in common, and you work at maintaining conversation.

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    I know how you fell chick. I was homeschooled in 7th grade then I went back to school for 8th and 9th and now Im homeschooled again. I still talk to my friends from the last year I was in school though and we're still really close because I kow Im going back to regular school next year. If you aren't religious why do you have to be homeschooled? Thats usually the big reason. Anyways you might want to try and get a job. A restaurant would be a good choice because you get to interact with people alot. Or join a gym and talk to people their. Also there are usually homeschooling events so you could look into that. If you have any questions or anything just email me at

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    Take outside classes, like horseback riding or photography. Join a club. Started a morning biking club or get a part time job. Post ads at the local high school or community college for a study club. Start a book club. Volunteer in community theater or at an animal shelter. Join a community or church choir. Offer to tutor younger kids. You are old enough to take charge of your social life. Make a point of adding social activities part of your curriculum.

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    Try to find out if there is a Boys and Girls club in your area, or join a youth theater group or something. You can also look into volunteer organizations that recruit youth. Try getting a part time job or taking a few classes at community college.

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    I would have thought after a while of not being able to make friends, you'd have merely gone back to school. Social skills are as important as Education. I mean usually even homeschooled you would do something like Sports, or some other Hobby that would have you meet other people and make friends.

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    Why don't you get a part time job at a book store, or a ice cream store, or something simple that won't take away from your school can make some extra money and meet some great people!

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    You're much better off, and you're to the point now where you can start dealing with friends, who should come along. There really aren't a lot who will be loyal to you, but you should acquire some.

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