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Where Can I See Leticia Cline on Howard Stern?

I listened to the interview that Leticia did the other day on Howard Stern. Stern mentioned that you could see it on TV. Is there anywhere I can see it on the internet for free? Don't say YouTube.

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    Howard welcomed Leticia Cline to the studio and told her that the staff played a trick on her while she was in the greenroom; JD and High Pitch Mike were sent in on missions to get her phone number. Robin bet $50 that JD got her real number, and Howard took the bet, saying Leticia probably gave JD her

    publicist's number. Gary came in to say that High Pitch Mike didn't really follow the contest to the letter, as he tried to use a method that involved pitching her a show idea.

    Howard played a clip of High Pitch Mike pitching his idea to Leticia and yelled at him for not asking her out straight-up like he was supposed to. High Pitch Mike said he was given (mis)direction from a few different people, so he

    went with the method that he thought would work. Howard then played a clip of JD actually asking Leticia out – and everyone was surprised when she gave him her real number.

    JD told the crew that the second

    he asked Leticia out, he saw “that pity look” come over her face. Howard then asked Leticia a

    few questions, and Leticia revealed that she lost her virginity

    at 16, went to college with K.C. Armstrong, and can't date black

    guys because of her racist parents. Leticia confessed

    that she also had a problem with Puerto Ricans, as she's had two Puerto Rican roommates steal from her.

    Leticia told the crew that she liked rough sex and enjoyed being choked during intercourse. Howard

    wondered if Leticia was afraid of being strangled or passing out, but she just said she enjoyed the

    release and oxygen rush right before she orgasms. Howard asked if Leticia really dated Ian Ziering, so she told the crew that Ian was a little weird (and liked to wear man-thongs). Leticia also revealed that she used to sell pot to support herself in college.

    Leticia stripped down to her crotchless panties, which led Howard to ask if she started riots when she went topless

    on the beach in Miami. Leticia revealed that she was great at phone sex, so Howard used his megaphone to have mock-phone

    sex with her. Artie asked Leticia if she wanted to make out, but Leticia decided she'd rather ride

    the Sybian. Leticia rode the Sybian to climax and shook violently afterward, saying it was “amazing.” After complaining how

    the Sybian had mostly just tickled her, Howard had Leticia get in the tickle chair for some tickling. Although the guys were able to get a few laughs out of her, Leticia revealed that she was able to keep herself from laughing for the most part.

    Just pictures:
















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    If you missed the show it will be replayed this weekend on Sirius Channel 100. Pictures of the former TNA interviewer have also been added to HowardStern.com.You can also read about it at HowardStern.com or you can watch on the Howard Stern on demand PPV channel.

    Some of the things she said were VERY interesting if you know what i mean.*grin on face*

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    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/aylxM

    I heard she had explicit phone sex with Howard Stern...What a whore! I'm glad she is gone from TNA...but she said on the Howard Stern show that she is in talks with the WWE...

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    Howard Stern on Demand - you have to pay for it.

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    on howard stern...lol

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    It's too errotic for YouTube, check her Myspace page under her videos, maybe it's there..

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    Just her acting horny overall nothing important.

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    Was asking myself the same thing

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