What should i do about her?

Her and i have been friends for a few years, and the feelings have been there. Until recently i was married. The reason my marriage ended has nothing to do with her. We now have a chance at things we talked about, but never thought we would have a chance at. She tells me she loves me, that she likes the thought of being with me, but she won't leave her boyfriend of three months (i haven't asked her to either). She keeps telling me that i am not over my divorce. In the same breath she will drop hints about wanting to be with me. She has me very confused. Should i just back off with her so she can make up her mind or continue to be myself and see what happens?

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    go for it

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    You,having been recently divorced ,she's probably in the frame of mind that you might want to play the field. Most men do when they split up, or they go into another relationship because they are used to being married. I have dated a lot of guys at various stages after their divorce and its a fact that they aren't at their best as far as relationships go when they first come thru a divorce..It takes a while to settle down and see what you really want and I always give guys a long rope when they are just newly out of a marriage. You kind of protect yourself as a woman by not giving them too much seriousness. Its a hard one. Some guys rush straight into another deep relationship others clown about from one to another. You should give yourself time really. And her. Perhaps she's interested but if she has a boyfriend that she cares for, respect that. Give yourself and her time. It does wonders.

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    Maybe she thinks your on the rebound thing? Bottom line,she's with someone right now,If I were you,I would back off,and let her be.That shows a lot of respect.And explain to her[if she asks why your acting like that] say,I like you a lot,but your with someone,and I have to respect that.[shows you respect her] If she wants to be with you,it will happen!

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    Just give her the ultimatum of dumping her boyfriend for you. If not then she really doesn't care about you. Then drop her, and start dating again. There's many fish in the sea...

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    if she doesn't want to leave her boyfriend of three months is either because she has feelings for him or she is afraid that maybe your just looking for a handkerchief or her love for you is just platonic

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