advice about girls im only in middleschool though?

I really really really really like this girl at my school but every time i go to talk to her i feel hot and dizzy then chicken out. Also every time i see her and she sees me she turns around quickly. does she like me? Wat should i do?

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    foo relax!!!

    you just got your first crush!

    its totally normal to feel like that!

    especially at your age.

    you say she turns around.

    well most of the time that means she likes you she is just to shy to return your look. she is probably not confindent enough yet.

    and you say you talk to her already?

    well thats the first step. just keep talking to her and dont be to forward with her. you might scare her. but just be nice to her and be her friend first and work from there.

    good luck!!


  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well if she sees you looking at her and then you quickly just turn around then it dosent mean that she might like you. she is probably suspicous why you are always looking at her. From a girlspoint of view, i would think that you would like me. That is just what I tink. I think you should just go up to her already.

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