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Hockey Commisioner..A joke?

Not only does he not come down on teams when they should. The Flyers have 4 guys that have gotten suspensions for cheap crap this year, and they haven't got nearly enough punishment. 2 games for both players when they injured the Bruins. He also is an idiot. ESPN offered them a contract, not a big one and it was less money then Vs.'s, but they took VS.'s contract for the money. Any idiot knws that you tak ESPN's so you get your sport out there. If they carry some games then they'll get guys who know the sport and they will talk more about your sport on Sporscenter which will get some young minds into hockey. Personally I think he's the stupidest guy alive.


Not only is it hard to find Versus but the broadcast is like a high school TV class trying to do the news. There's a break away on one side f the ice and they have a close up of the goalie on the other side of the ice. Ridiculous. Even is the NHL was trash on ESPN, at leat people would know it still exists.

Update 2:

Bob...your right I don't know all the front office shiit of sports, but I do know the game. I can admit that the hit on Alberts was his fault and I haven't said it wasn't. He went to his knees on the boards but then definatley got boarded. In that situation the punishment was right. The hit on Bergy was dirty, and if you think it wasn't you probably never played the game. The whole point of the suspension thing was that there's a team out there in what? about 15 games that already have 4 suspensions, you can't have that. That normally means there's something going on with coaching that you could talk to the staff about and get the problem sorted out, and know matter who handles suspensions, Bettman could do something about it, and should.

And if you don't even read the whole question you don't knw what I'm talking about so don't talk trash.

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    Interesting you call him the "stupidest guy alive" when you have a few type-o's in there.

    The NHL would be trash on ESPN while Versus treats it like a king. Granted people complain about actually finding Versus.

    No as far as Bettman being an idiot, Barbaro is being beaten again.

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    Yes, Bettman is a joke. And to think they pay this guy over a million a year?

    I'll do it for 1/10 of that. And run it with common sense.

    They could have had both contracts, VS & ESPN. They just don't choose to sell their product like it needs to be.

    Funny how all these other stations can televise hundreds of baseketball games.

    The stupidest thing I've heard lately from Bettman is the idea of making the goals bigger. Hey Gary, look back about 20 years ago, before you even knew what hockey was, look at the size of all the goalees equipment. Gee.....no wonder gaa is down, with gloves twice the size, etc... Did you ever notice say a guy like Miller from Buffalo, he's what 170 lbs soaking wet? Why is it he looks like a sumo wrestler in his pads?

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    I think he is fine and those Flyers players deserved it I mean i saw one of them and he was on his knees going into the boards and took a cheap shot at him and he could've REALLY lightened up on the hit.. Sorry if I a wrong but I remember that hit somewhere but I know another where the guy was coming from behind the net and passed it and the guy jumped and got a cheap head hit..

    As for the t.v. contracts I think he is an idiot for that because this game I think most Americans would love if we never invented football but not the point.. This game is fast and if you get an ESPN contract offer and that show is a very popular watched show I would take it almost in a heartbeat to let some people know that there is a very fun/challenging sport out there for anybody to play.. I do think he is dumb for the contracts but not for all the cheap shots at some of these players because this game is not to hospitalize people because that is footballs job..

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    No offence but I think you are a joke. You obviously should research before you ask stupid questions. Colin Campbell is the one who hands down suspensions, not Gary Bettman. I am not even going to bother getting into the logistics of the suspensions because you so obviously would not understand. Let's just say that maybe your Bruins should learn to protect themselves. That is the only part of the question I read because I could not stand the spewing of drivel anymore.

    Before you go calling people out as stupid, at least know what you are talking about because it does indeed make you the idiot.

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    Lemme just say that the NHL wouldnt be trash on ESPN, football is though. But I'll give you Bettman being the stupidest guy alive.

    Source(s): But if its any consolation, basketball is worse than football.
  • Re: mikea. You think Bettman did wrong by the lockout?? I think you should give your head a shake. Not that it was the best deal, but where would a lot of teams be without the cap?? Bettman brought the NHLPA to their knees and I for one am glad for it. Bettman has made some stupid moves in his tenure as Commish. but that wasn't one of them IMHO.

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    Yes Commissioner America is a JOKE... If someone offer me 238 million for a hockey team and the commish told me to turn it down... Strange... I wish I got a 23.8 cent raise hehehehe

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    How much harder is it to find one tv chanel over another? You only have to find it once and write it down if you're not good at remembering numbers. Not Bettman's fault if people can't find the tv guide.

  • "We interrupt this Question for a Special Report. Gary Bettman is a joke. Film at 11!"

    C'mon, tell us something we don't already know.

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    i teach autistic 4 year-olds that could run the NHL a thousand times better then bettman

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