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what do these word mean???????help???????

am buying a horse soon and need to know what these words mean

1.registered BSPA

2. brilliant DR

3. £200 BSJA

4.placed ODE

5.PC activites

6. RC prelim

7. good RC/PC

8. had a go at XC

9. nice WHP

10.£ OPO

could any1 plz, HELP ME!!!!!!!


could you plz indicate which word you r on about. plz

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    2. brilliant at dressage

    3. has £200 in BSJA registered showjumping

    5. Pony Club activities

    6.riding club preliminaries

    7.good riding club/pony club

    8.done a little cross country

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    1. dont know

    2. Brillian t at dressage

    3.200 (curency) british show jumping assosiation

    4. dont know

    5. pony club activities

    6. dont know

    7. good at ?/pony club

    8. had a go at cross country

    9. nice whip horse at hunt


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