injury help? who do i play at WR?

do to numerous injuries i am stuck playing some pretty bad WRs this week. Who should I play? I need to start 3. Roy Williams is for sure starting, and Santonio Holmes will too if he plays. So please pick the two you would start if Holmes doesn't play.

Justin Gage v. HOU

Keenan McCardell v. BUF

Kevin Walter @ TEN

I'm also open to waiver pick ups, but there isn't much better than these 3 there.


no burleson

Update 2:

why are you guys so down on McCardell. He has 4, 5, and 6 receptions the past 3 weeks (while learning the system), and Moss and Randell-El are going to be out or limted this week.

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    Gage and Walter.

    Gage if Holmes starts. Gage has become Young's go-to guy in recent weeks.

    Stay away from McKardell, he's way down on the roster for the Redskins. Campbell has much better options to throw to.

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    Gage and Walter hands down. McCardell has done nothing this year. Gage is by far the only target Young goes to and Walter will get 5-10 looks.

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    I picked up Walter in my league, and he did well for me last week.

    And my other choice would have to be Gage, simply because they are playing Houston. McCardell was good a few years ago, but I don't think he's been producing much this year.

    So I would go with Walter and Gage.

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    Check for Nate Burleson on the waiver wire,

    Santonio Holmes is almost a guarentee to play, I would play uJustin Gage vs. the pitiful defense of Houston.

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