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I'm so lonley ....?

now that i don't have my job ( long story) boyfriend and i live together and when he i away i am soo0o0o lonely...its so dead in our house. No one to call because i'll be honest i don't have friends because all they do is get high and screw that i don't want to get "high" tv/computer/cleaning get boring. i am so lonley what can i do? i turned in more job apps, and what not no joke like ( 15-20) and i am so0o0o lonley, i don't get along with my family members of certain reasons. what should i do?!

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    First of all you are a child of god . Second you are a very honest person and you are extremely beautiful. You need to see that the main force of people are like animals in secret groups. You will find one new friend to share ideas with. Your boyfriend is smart to give you lots of space so he is always desired. The job thing will take some meditation to get some ideas. Write them down then chose the best ones to try. You are on line so there are lots of ideas in answers for you to read. You don't even know the best is right there and now you need to find it. Ask, ask, ask. We who are in the loner section know we don't fit into life either. You are honest they really do that. Be brave and answer your yahoo answers. We need to feel that we are needed and that we help.

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    Been there! I know that can be SOOO boring and lonely and you can really slump into a depression! Here are my suggestions:

    -Volunteer. You'll make new (productive) friends and get out of the house.



    -Keep applying for jobs and going to interviews. Or, start your own business.

    -Go to college/take a class or two. There are community classes, too....learn pottery or spanish or something. Going back to school for good will increase your chances at a better job anyway.

    -Join a gym...even if just for the hot tub and swimming pool. You can go there, exercise, swim, hottub, meet new people, etc... Joining an exercise class specifically will increase your chances of meeting new friends.

    -Find a hobby...from knitting to rock climbing...the possibilities are endless. And it's another way to meet new people.

    -Babysit or walk dogs in your building or neighborhood...for profit or not.

    -If you're not into being productive and meeting people, get an Xbox, buy a few fun games and join Xbox live....plenty of people to talk to, something to do for hours on end, and you don't have to leave the house ;)

    Or, you could join an online game....same thing.

    -You could also get a cat, ferret, etc... if your landlord accepts pets and you don't have allergies (and you can afford to care for it) to keep you company at home.

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    Do some volunteer work. You'll meet the best people in the world, and you'll feel so good about yourself and the people you're helping.

    Call or go to your library for info on volunteering.

    I am on oxygen, so I'm pretty much homebound. I consider THIS as my volunteer work. I know a lot about health. If you know a lot about one category, like computers, or health,

    or whatever, you really could help people right here.

    If you have a car, leaving the house would probably be healthier for you. Start feeding the homeless, or find anything that interests you. It'll change your life. Good luck, hon. :)

    Source(s): Retired Nurse.
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    meg - LadyLynn had some GREAT suggestions.

    I would like to add one more. Do you have any hobbies (like sewing, crocheting, etc.)? Do you bowl? Do you play cards (Whist, Bridge)? Do you play checkers or chess? Look in your local newspapers, civic organizations or park districts, churches and activity centers and local on line listings and see if there are any sewing circles, bowling leagues, card clubs or checkers/chess clubs, etc...most of these types of activities are free (not bowling leagues) and a great way to meet people.

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    . . . may I suggest that you read a book ? The Bible has always fascinated me and there are many others that may appeal to you ; try looking around a book store for a book that interests you . The very best to you . :0)

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