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Ok i know this is bad but?

how do i hack a yahoo account?

my sister has been talking to people doesnt know on the internet

and on myspace has been sending messages to boys she doesnt know

and im afraid for her saftey

and im trying to change the password to her yahoo account

so she cant hit the lost password and get her password for zwinky,myspace,ect

it's so bad now that shes even using runescape as a chat room

and shes also failing all her classes in school,getting suspended from school,ect

just to be on the internet

so i know this is a bad question to ask

but how would i go about it?

I changed her other passwords but all she has to do is press the lost password button and she can get the pass back


Well she lives with my godmother

and i live with my real mom and my dad

and my godmother works days

from before my sister comes home from school to about 7 or 8pm

but they dont have a computer but shes been comming home going to her friends and getting on there computers

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    Don't let her use the computer! Are either of your parents around to stop her? You can also block her from being able to access the internet by creating a password to log onto your computer.

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    Contact Yahoo. If your sister is under 18 they should probably be able to limit her usage or ban her if she is breaking any part of their user agreement. If she's over 18, then it's her choice to do what she's doing.

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