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Would I be able to put a Cobalt supercharged engine in my 2002 Cavalier?

I have a 2002 Cavalier and I am very interested in putting a Cobalt SS Supercharged Engine in my car. Approximatly how much would it cost to do the swap and What all would I have to get done to make the job successful? Also does anyone know where I could go to get this done?

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    It is possible. There would be a certain amount of fabrication required as not everything will bolt right in.

    As to pay to have this done. I would forget it. Price would start as about $5,000 - $10,000 for the labor alone.

    The cost of fabricating the car would be less if you could do the work yourself.

    You would need to provide 2 donor cars. You already own the Cavalier. You would need to find a Cobalt SS with a good drive-train.

    The engine itself may fo in without too many problems.

    You would need to transfer most of the Cobalt SS wiring harness to the Cavalier. Most everything under the hood of the Cobalt SS would need to be grafted into the Cavalier. This is because of the differences in the endine management computer for the supercharged engine.

    While you are at it, why not graft the Cobalt SS suspension to the Cavalier ad it is superior.

    With all this effort, the Cavalier wouldn't perform any better than a Cobalt SS

    You will end up spending about twice the cost of a new Cobalt SS for a car that will be only equal to the Cobalt SS, if you are lucky.

    You will wind up with a bastard car that few mechanics would be willing to touch.

    Why not sell the Cavalier for what you can get out of it, then put the money down on a Cobalt SS.

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    There is no real difference in the engines at all both are the 2.2 ecotec. Although the Cobalt SS may have titanium valves. All you need is the supercharger and a tuner.

    Here is a good web page to start at.

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    It can be done if you have deep pockets, you will need to buy the engine, 2.0 supercharged from GM parts supply and all the wiring to it with the computer and then have it all installed.

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    Find a speed shop the builds street comp/ pro stock cars for the track. They should be able to do the deed!

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    Yeah easy. At an engine swap shop, check the yellow pages.

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    probably not and it would likely run you more than your 2002 cavalier is currently worth.

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    Why do you have a Colbalt engine anyways. Get a new car.

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    why supercharge it ?

    this one seems to move right along without a supercharger

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    some tinkering about but it is possible?

    the insurance will go through the roof

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