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Weight-Lifting For Me, Please Spend Alil Time Reading This *Appreciated*?

hi, i am 5 "8 145 LBS, not fat at all...and i started lifting weight last month here is what i do...

i do Monday, Wed, Friday, Sunday, Then Tues, Thursday, the other day, go on and on....

First Day, i do exercises with dumbell and machine for my triceps and biceps....i do about 6 sets with heavy weight for each excerses, about 2-3 exercises..then abs..

Second Day, i do alot of exercises for my chest...like 4-5 different exercises with dumbells and with the balloon and machines too... about 6-8 sets heavy weight ...then abs..

Third Day, My Shoulder, 3 different exercises heavy weight 6-9 sets...with dumbell...then Abs

4th Day, it's back and legs...3-4 exercises for legs and 3-4 exerciese for back all heavy weight...then abs about 15-20 mins between 3-5 exercises

is this the right weight lifting schedule for me? is this enough? i mean i believe i work hard tho...and is it ok if i do abs every day of working out please say your opinion or recommendations..... Thanks Appreciated...

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    I'd do chest, shoulders and triceps on day 1, legs on 2, back and biceps on 3 and then back to chest, shoulders and triceps on 4.

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    What's your weight lifting goal?

    If it's to build as much muscle as possible, then I think you need to make some adjustments. To me you are doing too many sets. You're training more for endurance than for muscle.

    Try this:

    First, divide you training up into 3 parts.

    Mon and Thu - Chest and Arms

    Tue and Fri - Legs and Abs

    Wed and Sat - Back and Delts

    Follow this basic format for all body parts:

    Do 6 sets - 12, 10, 8, 6, 12, to failure

    Example - Chest

    Dumbbell Presses

    First: set of 12 - use a weight that is relatively light (12 reps should be fairly easy).

    Next: set of 10 reps - should have a higher weight, again 10 reps shouldn't present too much of a problem.

    Set of 8 reps, higher weight, and this time 8 reps should be fairly hard (hard enough that if you were to do another rep, it would take everything you had to complete it).

    Set of 6 reps - max. weight. This time it should take everything you have to get the sixth rep out (sometimes you might not get it without a spot). I can't over emphasize that it should take EVERYTHING you have to get that last rep out.

    Next immediately pick up the dumbbells you first started with and do another 12 reps. This time 12 reps should be near impossible, but really work to get the reps out. Put the dumbbells down, flex our Pecs a couple of times, immediately pick up the dumbbells again and squeeze out as many reps as you can. Then flex your Pecs again.

    You've now finished your chest workout. Take a couple of minutes to get set up for your Arm workouts and start again.

    If you're serious, you should be in and out of the gym in 30 - 40 minutes.

    BTW - Don't fall for high set workouts because some Pros recommend them. I guarantee you this routine will beat any high set routine hands down.

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    I believe that if you listen to your body, and your body is fine with that schedule, your fine. If you feel that you are working hard, don't increase. Remember not to push yourself to the limit, because your in it to win it. And you can't win it, if you push yourself to the limit.


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