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Weight-Lifting For Me, Please Spend Alil Time Reading This *Appreciated*?

hi, i am 5 "8 145 LBS, not fat at all...and i started lifting weight last month here is what i do...

i do Monday, Wed, Friday, Sunday, Then Tues, Thursday, the other day, go on and on....

First Day, i do exercises with dumbell and machine for my triceps and biceps....i do about 6 sets with heavy weight for each excerses, about 2-3 exercises..then abs..

Second Day, i do alot of exercises for my chest...like 4-5 different exercises with dumbells and with the balloon and machines too... about 6-8 sets heavy weight ...then abs..

Third Day, My Shoulder, 3 different exercises heavy weight 6-9 sets...with dumbell...then Abs

4th Day, it's back and legs...3-4 exercises for legs and 3-4 exerciese for back all heavy weight...then abs about 15-20 mins between 3-5 exercises

is this the right weight lifting schedule for me? is this enough? i mean i believe i work hard tho...and is it ok if i do abs every day of working out please say your opinion or recommendations..... Thanks Appreciated...

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    You can do your abs every day if you want that will depend on how hard you hit them, Let your bio feed back tell you. as for your work out sounds ok but how's the form. Can't stress form enough when I hear " I lift heavy weight" let me tell you there is a difference between moving heavy and acually lifting heavy. You want the most out of a work out then make sure you are doing it right and don't worry about what the rest of the gym think soon enough you will be right up there and have the size to show it. The other thing is diet make sure you are eating right and getting enough protine. Don't forget about enough sleep as well, you body repares as you sleep and you will be alert for your work out. Half your work out is in the gym the other half is how well you take care of yourself. Good luck buddy

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    Mon.and Thursday , work chest,triceps,legs.abs. Tues and Friday work Back , biceps, shoulders , abs. on Wed.just do cardio and take the weekend off. For chest do flat bench, incline bench and dumbbell flys for chest 4 sets Light , heavy , heavy , light .For triceps do3 sets , close grip bench pressed with heavy weight then burn them with high reps using the rope pull down method.For legs do what ever you do big legs look ridiculous, and for abs do what ever you do. For shoulders do 4 sets of shrugs with heavy weight , 3 sets of behind the neck military presses and 3 sets front military presses only use medium weight on military presses, then do 4 sets of side laterals with dumbbells.For biceps start with 4 sets of cable machine curls medium weight just to get the blood flowing then 4 sets of straight bar free weight curls as heavy as you can handle with good form, then finish with sitting dumbbell curls with heavy weight and you will see a huge difference in you appearance in 4 weeks.Your body needs time to heal and rest and your over doing it and will not see great results with your current workout.

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    you are so fat

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