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Would this be great revenge or what?

I remembered that in high school I was teased by some of these girls because I was overweight, had glasses and was kind of nerdy. After being in college some of these same girls wanted to get with me because I started to lift weights and join the football team and I am majoring with engineering. Would it be good revenge if I got with one of them after college and milk their money for all its worth? Then that way no one would remember me as a wimp?

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    ok badgerfan im losing any respect you might would have had until now....why in the he**would you be like that after all this time that was already a big mess-up for them doing that without realizing the true badgerfan 2 wrongs do not make it right you know that revenge is a hate word and as humans we all have enough issues to deal with dont you agree?

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    Go from a wimp to a jerk and a con artist? Given a choice, stick to the wimp.

    Living well - and your own way, without hurting them - is the best revenge.

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    Show them that you not only lost weight, but are mature enough to move on and have a great career. It's well worth it. Milking someone's money can put you in the slammer.

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    Well thats tricky but hey you gotta remember what you do will come back to you. let theres come back to them on its own. you should just totally blow them b******off and be the better person

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    revenge is never sweet :-( what goes around, comes around. karam is a b****...just be the bigger and better person and walk away

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    "Should I get my glasses and my pocket protector before we go in the bed?"

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    "ya remember me the nerd u called me?.....ok ***** blow me XD

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