Why are the Muslim communities in the G8 nations not protesting against the court decision in Sudan?

As the Muslim communities are not protesting in the modern nations, that can mean only one thing, that they support the decision of the court. People will say she was lucky to get off with what she did, but it still does not change that Muslims keep their mouths shut at a grave injustice. Beat the children also then and put them in jail, as they picked the name, why is that not happening?

This is the problem when you go into countries that are slightly above that of the stone age and bring them into the modern world. The people's minds are not formed enough to make rational decisions, as is classic in this case. It is time that the Muslims in the G8 nations either stood up for injustices by their Muslim brothers world-wide or they were kicked out and sent back to what they wanted to escape from.

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    Couldn't agree with you more. They are mentally stuck so far in the past. The unfortunate thing is that Europe had thousands of years to progress with Christianity trying to ruin things over that time, until the people started having more rights (after the Black Plague due to decreased population and more power of the masses due to the increased demand of labor and decreased supply).

    Muslims have never had to go through that, so they are still stuck in the world where the religion controls what they think and they are so brainwashed. That is why they should never have been brought into the modern world, because their society has not evolved to the point where it was thrust to.

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    I agree, by their inaction they are promoting and supporting this behavior. They either need to start to join the modern world and get rid of the superstitious behaviors or get out of the modern world and go back to digging in the sand.

    It may sound cruel, but sometimes reality is just like that.

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    This very situation is why a lot of people in the Western Christian/Jewish cultures think Muslims are total nut jobs. I cannot imagine someone in this country flogging a person and putting them in jail because they named their teddy bear Jesus. I continue to have less and less respect for Islam, this thinking is seriously nuts and appalling

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    why is nobody protesting against the bible for its sex literature???????????????

    and violence???????

    Ezek. 4:12]

    The Lord said to Ezekiel, "And you shall eat it as barley cakes and you shall

    bake it WITH DUNG THAT COMES OUT OF MAN in their sight. And the Lord said,

    Even thus shall the children of Israel eat their defiled bread among the


    Songs. 1:13]

    My beloved is to me a bag of myrrh, that LIES BETWEEN MY BREASTS. Behold,

    you are beautiful, my beloved, truly lovely. Our bed is green.(In R.S.V.

    our couch)



    [Gen 9:21]

    Noah drank of the wine, and became drunk, and lay uncovered in his tent.

    and Ham [his son] saw the NAKEDNESS of his father.

    [1 Sam. 19:23]

    And the spirit of God came upon Saul.. And he too STRIPPED OFF HIS

    CLOTHES, and he too prophesied before Samuel and lay NAKED all the day

    and all the night.

    [2 Sam. 6:20]

    David DANCES NAKED before the people and before the Lord.

    [Exo. 15:20]

    And so his sister Mariam the Prophetess dances, she took a tremble and

    dances with the women.

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    Ah! So, you see that it all continues to reveal the true nature of islam.


    Very interesting.

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    The men don't care and the women do, but they are not allowed to talk!????

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