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What xbox 360 game is best for my sons; ages 8 and 6?

I have four kids. Brandon 8, Micheal 6, Abby 3, and Tyler 7 months old. My husband and I are a little tight on money this year for Christmas because we just moved into a bigger home about 3 months ago so we are trying to limit the amount of Christmas gifts we give to out kids this year. I got a few toys that they all wanted that they put on their Christmas list and got them some new clothes too. Last year my husband bought the boys a XBOX 360 and they have a few games on their list that they want. My husband and I agreed that we would each get them one game. Which game is best and aproppiate for them?

Tony Hawk Series

Lego Star Wars II

Sid Meier's Pirates!

Sports Games- NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL

Gears of War

Dead Rising

If you have any other great kids games for XBOX 360 please tell me. Thanks for your help!

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    Dead Rising and Gears aren't "appropriate" but they are very very fun games, really the best of the lot. Dead Rising isn't very complicated either, and you beat up Zombies so that's your choice on "appropriate."

    Lego Star Wars (any of them) are really good games as well.

    Find out what sport your kids like best and make sure the game you buy was made by EA (electronic arts).

    Tony Hawk is always good too.

    A game I would suggest not on the list is Project Gotham Racing 4. If they like racing games.

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    Lego Star Wars is the best one for children under the age of thirteen or so. However, if your children are able to handle a little bit of violence, then Dead Rising would be the best. For Thanksgiving, I watched some of my younger cousins play that game (they are about the same ages of your kids) and thye loved it. They even made a game of it where they would stay in one area, killing zombies, until they died to see who could last the longest, or get the most kills. But aside from that, Lego Star Wars. The Tony Hawk series is kind of played out. Sid Meier's Pirates is fun, but it might be a little advanced. Most sports games are...boring (how they keep getting made, I'm not certain). And Gears of War, while an amazingly great 2 player co-op game, is very gruesome. I mean, blood landing on the screen gruesome.

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    Games that would be appropriate:Lego Star Wars The complete Saga, NHL, NBA, MLB games, NFL maybe but there is a lot of tackling, Guitar hero 2 and 3, Need for Speed games are pretty good too, and Tony Hawk games.

    Games that wouldn't be appropriate:Dead Rising, Gears of War, Halo 3, COD4, Assassin's Creed, Bioshock, Mass Effect. Mainly the shooting and fighting games.

    Hope this helps you.

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    The games I would not recommend are definitely NOT Dead Rising and Gears of War because these games contain brutal violence and coarse language, Tony Hawk Series isn't too good either because it does have some mild language and violence, I would highly recommend and MLB / NHL game, and Lego Star Wars 2. Here's a list of the best games for them to play.

    5- Lego Star Wars 2

    4- MLB 06,07,08

    3- NHL 06,07,08

    2- Viva Pinata

    1- Guitar Hero 2 / 3

    - Guitar Hero will keep your kids happy, and it will keep them occupied for hours on end, and even when they're finished playing, they will come back for more the next day. I can guarantee it.

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    I think it would be better to get the Lego Star Wars Collection that recently came out. It has more than twice as much as lego star wars 2, includes everything from 1&2 and even more

    I would not suggest getting them Gears Of War, Though I think it is a fun game. It has a lot of cussing & blood in it and I don't know if you would want to get your sons something like that.

    Either that or Guitar Hero 3

    Hope I helped you =)

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    Please get them Lego Star Wars and pick me as best answer.... please. Lego star wars is a great game for kids and isnt bad at all. No language or gore.

    Tony hawk has to much blood and some cursing, but the blood content can be turned off.

    Sid Meiers Pirates is to googoo for an 8yr old.

    Sports games are awesome, if you did get them one then definetly get madden. Its good and can entertain guests and the whole family.

    Gears of War is most definetly the worst game for a little kid. Alot of blood and gore, and cursing. Ill admit i got the game when i was 13, and it was fun, yet had alot of bad content for younger kids.

    Dead Rising is the game that will give your kids nightmares. It may be set in a mall and your a guy fighting off zombies, but theres blood and fighting that ends with heads blown off, and arms and legs severed. Which im sure you dont want your kids seeing.

    So the best choice is Lego Star Wars II, I have looked around for better kids games and theres no other good games like star wars. So Madden 08, and Lego Star Wars is your best option... good luck making them happy.

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    Nintendo is the way you should go. They have games like Super Mario and Zelda which are aimed at a younger age group. With the nintendo WII just coming out that your best bet. It will last for a few years and it will have the games like Mario and Donkey Kong. The basic WII starts at $250. With the age your kids are there is no need to buy a $600 PS3 or even an XBOX. But a PS2 might be alright aswell. Its fairly cheap and the games go throughout the age groups so as your kids get older you can get different games

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    I Think They Would Have The Most Fun Playing Tony Hawks Games.. There Can Play With Each Other and They Wont Have To Fight Over Who Gets To Play The System First.

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    are you kidding me?!??! gears of war and dead rising for a six year old? i'm sorry, but those games are rated M and have intense violence, gore, and language. in gears of water, their brains and guts explode, and limbs get cut off, and you chainsaw people they splatter everywhere. deadrising isn't any better. Those are for ages 17+. Wow. WHATEVER YOU DO dont get those. I'd say Lego, Sid Meier's Pirates, and sports games are ok but probally not tony hawk. i dk if 6 yr olds should even be playing video games anyway, so maybe lego star wars. you should encourage your kids to read or play outside. six, seven, and eight year olds shouldnt even have an xbox. I'd only allow them to get E rated games, if any games at all, they're way to young.

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    Lego Star Wars II

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