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If you are naming your tables, what are you using?

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    I heard of romantic couples through out the centuries like romeo and juliet and bonney and clide, also places you would like to visit or think or romantic, the word love in various languages

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    My girlfriend used different pictures of her and her husband for each table. Then as they walked around to each table, they discussed the history of the picture.

    I thought it was a really neat idea because then as the night went on, you walked around to other tables to look at their pictures and chatted it up with those guests to find out why they had chosed each picture.

    Just an idea!

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    We're getting married at the zoo, so we're naming the tables zoo animal names. If you have a theme, maybe you could tie the names into the theme.

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    We were going to name our tables, then decided it may be a bit too confusing with the way we were going to do things ... these are the names we were going to use ...

    Honesty * Modesty * Serenity * Simplicity * Generosity * Ingenuity * Humanity * Spirituality * Integrity * Beauty * Loyalty * Dignity * Eternity * Civility

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    Yes...I'm having a Cinderella themed wedding so I'm having the names be...Cinderella, Prince Charming, Glass Slipper, Magic Wand, Castle, Fairy Godmother, Star Dust, Horse Darwn Carriage, Magical Pumpkins...You get it. :)

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    We had a beach themed wedding so I found this beautiful picture of a sail boat on Microsoft clip art, blew it up and hand printed on each boat the name of an island. They were really nice and cost me almost nothing to create.

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    I wen to a wedding once that each table was named after a type of wine, merlot, chardonnay, pinot nior, zinfandel, cabernet, chablis, syrah, ect. they put a couple bottles of the type of wine on each table. We do live in wine country though.

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    we are getting married in Colorado, so I think we may use the names of the summits over 14000 ft for our tables.

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    Just do whatever you have a passion for. Personally I like flowers (morning glory, mum, lily, rose) or favorite songs. It depends on your theme and personality.

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    Our Favorite Movies b/c it's gonna be a movie-themed reception.

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