can the original game boy color pokemon games trade with the game boy advanced games?

if so, how?


so can you trade from the old ones to fire red and leaf green?

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    1 decade ago
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    Nope it can't because those games are different models. Pokemon games go by generation. Red, Blue, and Yellow can trade with each other because they are first generation. Gold and Silver and Crystal which are the second generation can trade with first generation but with limitations such as new moves or new pokemon can't trade. Then third generation which is Gameboy Advance games which are Ruby and Sapphire cannot trade with first two generations because it's so different and it has a lot of new pokemons.

    4th Generation which is Diamond and Pearl can trade with Ruby and Sapphire but are incompatible with first two generations because of the new pokemons and moves.

    If you want to connect the first two generations and last two generations you need a link capable.

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    4 years ago

    you will possibly desire to bypass and boy a Nintendo DSi. Their the latest Nintendo gadget out on the 2d. and in all threat the excellent Pokemon pastime as much as now could be Pokemon Platinum. Its in all threat going to be around $40 5 or so. additionally for the DS/DSi are Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl that are the video games in basic terms till now Platinum, those you would be waiting to discover for roughly $30. in case you do no longer go with to purchase a DS/DSi, then you definately can under no circumstances bypass incorrect with Pokemon Crystal or Pokemon Emerald, or Pokemon hearth pink. wish This facilitates :)

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    sadly, nintendo made it so the old gameboy pokemon games aren't compatible with the gameboy advanced pokemon games.

  • 1 decade ago

    there is no way. i tried it and it wont fit. if you buy leafgreen and firered then yeah. that will work. I have firered and wow it totally cool. not only that i can migrate old school pokemon. yahoo. Good Luck!

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