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I want to know if my Bf still loves me?

We have been dating for about 6 months and we barely talk to each other we only talk in the morning and if we need some advice, which is occasionally. Should i break it off or keep it strong?I know i love him but im not sure what to do

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    six months and you two barely talk....hate to break it to you but i dont see this relationship lasting very much longer!! you need to talk to him.....when its a good relationship and love you want to be around him more often and you want to talk to him more than the morning!! when you break it off and you find that someone youll see what i mean!! trust me!

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    First analyze yourself on why u love him and than ask him y does he love you and what do you bring to his life that makes him want you there with him. Communication is very important in relationships. Also ask yourself the same thing, you might not love him as much as you think. Hope his answers will help you both. Good Luck

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