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Which is the best lens for Nikon 80?

I am going to get a Nikon D80 and I would like to take photos such as sun rise/set,moon rise/set and other exterior stuff.

Please could you tell me which type/size of lens is better for me to get?

I would be glad if you can let me know.


P.S.I am just beginner.

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    Well, it sounds to me that you need a wide lens because you like to shoot landscape (if you like to include the landscape in your sunrise/sunset moonrise/moonset, that is).

    In this case, I would recommend anything in the 18mm range on the wide end, or even wider.

    The 18-200 f3.5-5.6G VR is the hot ticket for Nikon cameras now. It takes good picture and it's very versatile because of its range.

    However if you feel that you want to take a wider shot, you might also want to look at the 12-24 f4G super wide angle lens especially because the D80 have a 1.5x crop factor which makes the 18-200 more like a 27-300mm lens. Of course, it's by no means that you shouldn't get the 18-200, it's a great lens but this is in case if you want to shoot in a wider range.

    I hope this helps.

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    I would recommend getting the D80 kit with the 18-135mm lens! And then later upgrading to the more expensive 18-200mm VR lens if you want more!

    If you decide to go into doing some portrait pictures, i would recommend the 50mm 1.8/f lens, it is a little under $120 for an excellent (if not the best) portrait lens you can get your hands on!

    I added some links in the source to these items on B&H Photo!

    Good luck, and enjoy a great camera! :)

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