Indianapolis Relocation?

I am looking to possibly relocate to Indianapolis I am looking for a city environment that has a VERY racially mixed community. Gay friendly is a must. Is this a good move to make? I recently moved to NJ and the cost of living is very HIGH I originate from Toledo Ohio I am looking for something not as economically deprived as Toledo but a similar atmosphere C I T Y. Is it easy to find employment in the factory industry? THANKS for all the help I can get

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    just google it, the city will post everything you asked except the gay friendly


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    I will answer this as accurately and fairly as I can, though it will be more negative than the other answers.

    When I think of Indianapolis it is racially diverse - it is for Indiana as is the nature of a large city. I grew up in Kokomo to the north and I now live in the Chicago area. When you look at Chicago it is difficult to consider Indianapolis as diverse. National Geographic in their 1987 article on the city referred to its ethnicity as a German English mash, which I feel is still a pretty good descriptor. I iamgine it is more diverse in 20 years, but not as diverse as the NYC burbs of NJ.

    The other reason I now live in the Chicago area is that Indiana is too conservative for me. As for gay friendly consider this fact: the state legislature considered a state constitutional amendment to ban same sex mariages. I believe the reason it did not pass was that there were enough large companies like Eli Lilly that spoke out and said regardless of how you feel on this issue it will hurt business in the state in that such a policy will turn away educated people, not only the gay community. The bill did not pass, but it did have a lot of supporters.

    Indianapolis is much better off economically than Toledo. I like Toledo and I have a sister in law that lived very well in Sylvania -- however I also know about the recent Jeep plant closing. Housing is actually a little cheaper than Toledo, and it's DEFINITELY cheaper than New Jersey or anywhere on either coast. Indianapolis has traditionally been one of the most affordable large cities in the US.

    It is a bigger city than Toledo but newer and more spread out, so in some ways it may feel smaller. The closer you are to downtown the less it will feel small.

    Yet while I say Indy is conservative I have been very pleasantly surprised with the very extensive system of recreational trails they have developed in the past ten years. The business mindset understands that such amenities draw people and business to cities that are more livable.

    Getting a factory job in Indy is about as easy as getting one in Toledo, or just about anywhere in the US. Education is critical in this economy. If you really want a factory job consider China, Mexico, India, get the idea. Otherwise your only hope would be if Kucinich is elected president (who I like as a person but question if his dreams of restoring unions to their past glory are antiquated and unrealistic).

    Overall you will be happier in Indianapolis. You will not be debt poor trying to find a place to live. Gay tolerance there will be best found in the education community, yet another good reason to get a diploma - it will definitely not be on the factory floor apart from having to beat it into people via mandatory harassment training sessions.

    Source(s): An architect with an interest in history, geography, and urban planning familiar with both Indianapolis and Toledo, from a now-Chicago viewpoint.
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    Indianapolis is a great city to live in... i think its gay friendly because we always have that gay pride parade here.. now the price of living here has shot up... so i dont know if you picked the best time to move here... basically if you dont want a high price of living.. dont move to the north side where carmel fishers lawrence areas are because those three places are probably the most expensive parts of indianapolis metro... crime is getting really high in the central/east side of town so i wouldnt move there... if you were going to move here move to the south side... i think they have a few factories down there and lower price of living... and crime rate isnt so high on that side of town.. as for the racially mixed... north side is mixed... but not as much as you probably want it.. unfortunatly it is mainly white and thats about it.. now south side i think is very mixed... if i were you i would look around the south side... maybe beach grove or greenfeild (which is some south side suburbs)...

    -you sound liberal.. and even though indiana is a more conservative state... you would be suprise how many strong liberals live in the indianapolis metro area...

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    I wouldn't say we're *very* racially mixed. Very much white with a growing Hispanic population. More gay-tolerant than gay-friendly. Downtown communities and the Broad Ripple area are the most gay-friendly. I live in the supposedly crime-ridden near-eastside and like it. Affordable housing, friendly neighbors. I've never looked for factory work. Overall, it's a good city.

    Source(s): Indy resident for 6 years.
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    Indy isnt bad. Its racially diverse. Theres always some kind of factories and other stuff hiring. Just depends on it you want to work there or not. The only thing I dislike about living here is the traffic on the hiways in the afternoon. But I guess every city has that.

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    The area of northeast downtown (around and near Massachusetts Av--Mass Ave) is diverse and gay friendly. It's also known as an arts district because of small galleries theaters shops and restaurants. It's definitely an urban atmosphere, but can be pricey.

    Some industry has declined as it has in much of the US. However, I hear Rolls Royce may be hiring. Industrial jobs have been replaced by bio-tech, pharmaceuticals, telecoms, and insurance to name a few.

    Source(s): I've lived in Indy for 38 years. I also work downtown.
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    Here are some links you can check out to find answers or get a feel for the Indy area,, ,

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