Where can I find the best airfare for travel for 2 round-trip from chicago to oahu, hi for mid-march?

Our son has recentely returned to his base from war in iraq. We really want to go and see him, but the fares are more than we can afford. Anyone have any good suggestions?...thank u

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    Travel mid-week between the mainland and Hawaii is cheaper than traveling on the weekends. With today's gas prices, a good airfare between the West Coast and Hawaii is $500. Add the distance to go from / to Chicago, I would guess a good Chicago / Hawaii airfare would be $750. Traveling mid-week in March I can find that on Orbitz, Expedia, and ATA.

    I would suggest you set your maximum airfare factoring in how many stops you are willing to put up. Find 4 sites like Orbitz or Expedia you like and start searching. Before you buy from a site like Expedia, go to the actual airline's site and see if they are less. When you find a fare you can live with I would probably buy it because I doubt there will be a significant drop as time goes on.

    That being said I still would occasionally reprice my purchased itinerary up until the trip, especially if you buy direct from an airline. If the price does drop for the exact same flights you are on, you should be able to at least get a credit voucher for the difference for a future flight. I do that with United routinely.

    (Subsequent Addition: My airfare estimates are averages. Can you find lower? SOMETIMES but not year round. Airfares change based on the season, load factors and timing. You need to determine the range of airfares you can accept and base your purchase on that budget considering the number of stops and duration of the combined flights. Once purchased do reprice your itinerary and if lower pursue that credit)

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    My advice to you would be to first go to www.hawaiianair.com and sign up for hawaiianmiles. You may need it more than you know, especially if you plan on vacationing in hawaii again. Once you've done that, you can check out some fares from hawaii to the west coast. They can go as low $169 one way, and $300 roundtrip in the off-season. After you find a suitable fare, check some travel sites for a cheap flight from chicago to the west coast. I've done this for all my travels because it saves me so much money and I know that my reservations were confirmed because I did it directly with the airlines. I've heard horror stories about people who couldn't make it home due to overbooking travel sites and unreceived reservations, and they had to pay more.

    You may have to go out of the airport to re-check your luggage, but if you think about it, it's safer than buying your tickets all at once and not knowing where your luggage is.

    I hope this helped you, and congrats on your son being home.

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    $750 for a R/T flight is expensive, as is $500 from the west coast. A good west coast fare - especially to HNL - would be under $400. I would wait until after the holidays, then run some iteneraries through Expedia or the like (with midweek flights, as suggested before, if your schedule allows). Buying direct from the airline is almost always cheaper in my experience.

    Good luck!

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    Mid-March is a great time to go and visit him. Fares should be significantly lower by then and you should be able to find a great fare. I would suggest you check out a travel website such as travelocity.com or sidestep.com for general ideas of price and timing of flights but to go directly to the airlines as they often have some great deals only they can offer.

    As far as flights from Chicago go, check out United. Since Chicago is United's hub and they have a direct flight to Hawaii from there, you'll find that this is often the best flight you can get. The other idea would be to fly a smaller airline such as Southwest to the west coast and then pick up an ATA, Aloha, or Hawaiian air flight as these often have great flight deals to Hawaii.

    Good luck finding something......happy travels.....and tell your son thank you for his service to our country!

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