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Im 13 When my period starts at school and heavy i get scared because im to shy to ask for a pad! what do i do?



What do i say to the nurse or office lady? :S

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    Carry a pad with you in your purse at all times.

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    Always carry a pad with you in a compartment that is not very visible. You shouldn't be shy for asking a pad. I mean you are not the only girl in school that will have her period! If its really heavy you should carry a pad that soaks up more or carry two pads.

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    Hey I about your age and I had a similar problem, since your shy, the best thing for you to do is to always carry an extra pad or two. That you should always do no matter what when your on your period. Hope this helps : )

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    Don't be shy hun, this is normal for all girls its nothing to be embarrassed about at all. Just go to your school nurse if you don't have any pads and tell her you started your period and she will help you. Believe me, there have been hundreds of girls before you who have gone to her for the same reason, so don't be to shy to ask. I promise you, everything will be OK. Good luck Hun.

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    Carry a couple pads in your purse at all times. Or even in your locker. If you forget, ask your school nurse, or even a female teacher. Don't be embarrassed, most females know exactly how you feel.

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    If you don't have a pad with you, and you're too shy to ask an adult alone, ask one of your best friends or if she doesn't have any, ask her to accompany you by your side when asking a teacher or older girl. Just a tip, ask a female teacher. And don't worry about asking an older classmate, I'm sure she'd be willing to help.

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    If you forget to get one for home, then you should be asking the nurse. She is a trained medical professional. She won't be telling your teachers or friends or the boys at school about it. Being female, she understands and knows about female needs.

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    everyone is right sweetheart carry a pad with you at all times i was11yrs when i started and i have stayed with the thin always with dryweave you don't even know you are wearing it.

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    you can ask a really good friend...

    or go to the nurse and ask quietly, "do you have any pads?"

    dont be scared to ask...

    they're only going to help...


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