hypothetical speaking, are atheists real?

please feel free to answer!

I think they try hard not to believe the possibility that there's a God.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yes they're real and are misguided by their selfish desires just like their father satan

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    Well athiests are defined by their belief in the lack of belief in a god of any kind. I think it's more of a label just to make it a stance rather than have it be like they're just on the fence or that they can be "converted". I think it's just like anything, it doesn't mean you haven't thought about it, even if you're say a Christian you could sometimes have the thought that a god may not exist but it doesn't mean you believe it, just like an atheist could consider a god being real but they dismiss it because it's not the stand they're taking. But I agree with you that it's hard not to believe in the possibility of a God but I'm a Christian so :)

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    Yes they are real. .

    Although for some. the idea that there is no God, is a difficult and painful thing to consider, many people are comfortable with the idea.

    Now if you ask why people are atheists, that is a much different question and you might be surprised at the answers.

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    In the swing of earlier questions this morning, perhaps you should try to be an atheist for a month. I was a christian for 35+ years so I've already seen both sides.

    And yes, atheists are real and there is no "trying hard" about it, the evidence just doesn't support the bible or a god.

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    1 decade ago

    Then you think wrong. Most atheists admit that the possibility of god's existence is there, just that there is no evidence available or likely to ever become available to prove it in any real way. Thus, they see no reason to believe in such a thing.

    By the way, yes, we're as real as you are.

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    I think Atheists and like Christians are in the same box. It's hard to believe that one person cannot have one doubt or at least some hesitation whatsoever. To believe something 100% must take a lot of will-power, I suppose.

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  • hypothetically speaking, are religious ppl real. I think they try hard to believe in the possiblity that there's a God.

  • 1 decade ago

    Are atheists real, hypothetically speaking? uhhh Why does it have to be a hypothesis? There are atheists and they are real, so you kind of lost me. People are allowed to believe whatever they choose. Is this like a trick question? (sigh) I'm 2sexy4this? amen, let's eat (pinches self! ouch! that hurt! ohhh i'm real, hypothetically speaking, of course)

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    atheists are real...the reason they talk about the lack of god or the lack of proof is because they really deep down inside want to believe in god and creativity...if the atheists really didnt care then why are they constantly on here asking or answering about religion...i think they are ''believer wanna-be's'' and cant handle it without proof...

  • 4 years ago

    If I found out that God is actual, as interior the Bible God, i might haven't any sense sorry approximately for no longer worshipping a merciless, illiberal, and hateful god. If I found out that only any God customarily became into actual, yet he/she became into sending me to hell, then i might ask your self why this God is judging me for this and not for a manner I lived my life and taken care of others. i'm extreme-high quality to those that're extreme-high quality to me, or perhaps some who are not, i'm tolerant, i'm trustworthy, and that i attempt to be as powerful as obtainable and do sturdy. If that may no longer getting me into this "hypothetical" heaven, then i do no longer comprehend what's.

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    I know a lot of christians pretend that atheists do not exist. It disrupts their view of the world. Bursts their bubble as it were. However, they do exist.

    If they did not truly exist, then I guess you would be asking if muslims really exist and continue this process till you have eliminated all other views that differ from yours.

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