The college professor who became a police officer?

I'm trying to find out someone's name. When I was in college, I took a political science class in which we were learning about public opinion of police. In my text book, I read a true story about a college professor who used to be very critical of police officers for being paranoid. Some of his students were officers, and said he did not know what it was like. He took that as a challenge: He applied, finished his academy training, and became an officer. It was educational for him and he learned to be a lot more empathetic to police.

That was the last I ever heard of this man. Has anyone heard of this and do you know his name or more info about him?

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    Great question.

    When I was in college I studied criminal justice. Out of my dozen or so profs only two actually had worked as officers. It was hard to take what some liberal 26 y/o prof had to say about police work serious when they had never met a rapist or gang banger.

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    That's an urban legend.

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