Car Audio System Problem??

I have 2 L7 15's and a 2500 Watt Amp Kicker. Everytime I turn up my stereo or my bass knob, the amp and subs shut off and turn back on; again and again. I have a 0 gauge power wire, 18 gauge speaker wire, and 4 gauge ground wire hooked up to the amp. I know i have a good connection to my ground wire. Is their somthing wrong with my wiring?? Or do i need a capacitor?? Can anybody help me with this problem??

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    1 decade ago
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    The first problem you have two different sizes of power wire. The ground AND power should be the same size. The same amount of current flows through both.

    Do you have the gain set right?

    The purpose of the gain is to match the signal volts RMS coming from the source (CD player, etc.) to the input of the amp.

    Here is a guide that will help you set the gain correctly

    You'll need a multi-meter (AC voltmeter), Microsoft Excel and a way to burn an audio CD from an MP3.

    If you don't have Excel, e-mail me and I'll send you a condensed version

    Also too low of an impedance (ohms) on the amp can cause this to happen.

    See my site for more info

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    1 decade ago

    you are trying to pull too much power from your system, and a capacitor will not help, they only stiffen the power they do not provide more. for sure you need to replace the 4 ga ground with 0 ga, and do the big 3 upgrade. here is some info on that.

    also with 2500 watts, its very likely you will need a new HO alternator as well, you could find a local shop and have them rebuild your current one to a higher output. lastly with those two upgrades a deep cycle batery should be installed.

    typically any install over 1000 watts rms will need a minimum of the big three, and much over that requires the other upgrades i mentioned, and again a cap will not will discharge for the first demand and then the alternator will be so overworked it will not have spare power to recharge it. if you havent already your lucky your battery has not turned up dead for teh same reason, the alternator is overworked and get get the power to everything. the reason the amps shut down is its a protection feature for a power drop. not only will doing these upgrades illiminate the amps shutting off it will sound better too..

    also a very cheap upgrade to do, get better speaker wire man... thats alot of power for a little 18 ga, go with 12, it'll cost about 5 dollars if you buy it by the foot, and it'll be easier on your amp, and may even sound better (but not likely).

    good luck man.

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    1 decade ago

    Do you have the two 15's wired in series or in parallel? This is very important! Having the speakers wired in the wrong configuration can cut their resistance in half, effectively doubling the wattage of your amp, and therefore its heat output, too. This can cause the amp the thermally protect itself, tripping an internal switch and shutting itself off momentarily. A good site to learn about speaker wiring, and the difference between series and parallel circuits is Check it out, you'll be suprised by how much you don't really know. I was!

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    1 decade ago

    you might be tripping the over current circuit, or the overheat circuit...

    hard to say without looking at it, but you might have your impedence too low...

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