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Always tired?

For some reason I always have this tired feeling? I like to think of myself as a happy person who loves life but a lot of times this tired feeling just brings me down. I just get tired out of no where. I really don't have a boring life. I can be in the middle of a theme park and not worn out but I'll still get tired. I'm only 19 why would this be happening to me? And what can I do or take to prevent this?

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    Perhaps you need a multivitamin every day.

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    Dear friend,first check if your glands like thyroid work properly. I hope they do.

    Having good family relationships & cool friends is a gift ,do not ignore them.

    Having good nutrition habits & work out(body building)really

    help to gain energy & joy.

    Having religious belifes& helping others will fulfill your heart with happiness.

    I hope these points help you to enjoy your life....

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    ..perhaps electrochocs or a trepanation would do... i know liposuction did the trick on me ... i'm not tired anymore and my ability to play the harp has improved a lot ..... I know an enema is a lot cheaper and more fun too ...

    Good luck.

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    could be stress. but more likely depression. i know that sounds weird cause you think of yourself as a happy person but thats how my sister is and she's really depressed. she uses her laughter to mask her depression. or maybe you just need to get more sleep. who knows. you should probably go see a doctor and ask if theres anything he can prescribe to help

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    You first should go to your doctor to ruleout lupus or mono. Another thing is depression. Take vitamins.Good luck

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    i have the same thing to, but thats cuz i have migraine, and its really breaking me down <<<<3

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    you might be knock up

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