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Is the class-based sociopolitical,division of labor hierarchy w/philosopher-kings atthe top a totalitarian,->

democratic, or republican-democratic social system?

This is a political philosophy Q

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    No true philosopher would accept the job of "philosopher-king," and who would be smart enough to pick him?

    So the person who took the job would be the "faux-philosopher" with an ego big enough to think he can make a difference, and in the end he would rule totalitarian style because of the frustration he feels knowing his ideas are failures.

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    ideally it would be republican-democratic system b/c those at the top would see their role as king subservient to their role as philosopher. w/this in mind they would see as our representatives in the republic it is in the peoples, and by default the republics, best interest to insure the success of the people.

    however, the reality is it's a totalitarian-democratic system w/kings ruling philosophers and the gap widening in our class based system.

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