Girls., i wanna know ur true opinion (Please be fair in answering it)?

My Girlfriend's friends are brainwashing her.

They are using all efforts to pull her away from me. She loves me but when she talks to one of her friends on phone she becomes too attentive that she does'nt even listens to me. I feel that girl is brainwashing her a lot.

We had sex 20-30 times & i made a lot of promises to her, but now i feel that our marriage can't be a success because i think that even after marriage her friend/s will influence her & keep on interfering in our life in an indirect manner.

Since, i made so much promises to this girl, will it be OK if i initiate the break-up.

Ps Note:- If i tell her not to talk with this girl or that girl she will say OK, but she will lie with me & keep on talking to these girls

I am in a tizzy & i pull my hairs as i love this girl very very very much but she sounds to be immature as the person who listens to another is immature. I am 27 & she is 21.

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    Well, if she is on the phone with her girlfriends, then how is she supposed to listen to you at the same time? Give her a break...everyone needs their girlfriends and asking her to give them up will only cause resentment...believe me! Stop trying to be so seems like you are the brain washer here...not the girls

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    First, I am not clearly understanding the example of ehr being on the phone and she does not listen to you mean while she is talking on the phone and you are talking to her at the same time? Or, She talks on the phone with her friends and then she treats you poorly because you think her girlfriends are telling her things that you don't approve of, or?

    Just not sure what it all means exactly.

    #1. Don't make promises you think you might be able to or no...don't do it.

    #2. Yes, I see nothing wrong with breaking up with her if you feel like she will only end up being dishonest with you....if she would be willing to lie to you about something fairly small in the big scheme of things then who knows what else she may lie to you about.

    To play the other side a bit, the devil's advocate, Are you sure you are not being a bit paranoid?

    Or, Could it be possible that you are feeling a little left out or ignored when she talks to her friends on the phone?

    If this more the case then she would not be the only one who may be acting a bit immature. You may want to rethink breaking up with her because you want all her attention 100% of the time...How about after the marriage...what will you do when you have children together and they require more of her attention due to their needs? Will you still be asking for 100% of her time?

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    If your relationship is strong then why worry about what this girl or that girl is saying to her. If she loves you then it should not matter what they say. It sounds like her friends are JEALOUS and dont want her to be happy. Like they say misery loves the company of another. talk to her and tell her how you fell on this. At the same time be tactful with your words. But if all else fails and promises are broken then only you have to answer. A promise should never be made if a person doesnt plan on carrying thru with it...

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If you think you really love this girl you should try to be more tolerant.Yes she is too young to be away from her special girl friends time.

    21 is too young to get marry.She should be sure that she is ready to get marry more than your being sure for that.

    if you guys really love each other then the girl friend problem is only a small matter which is definitely going to go away in time.They won't call as much when you get marry. Marriage changes other friendships that you had when you are single.

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    If she loves you, than it wouldn't matter what her friends said about you or anything else for that matter. Perhaps you two need some time apart. It's like they say "you don't know what you have until you you lose it" and from the sounds of it she's already losing you as it is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    No offense but you sound too controlling. Why are you trying so hard to get her attention when she's on the phone? My kids used to do that. You can't tell her who she can and can't talk to either, that never works.

  • Blunt
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    1 decade ago

    So what? Having friends and talking to them on the phone is perfectly normal.

    You, in the other hand, are the abnormal one. What's you issue with your sick, pathological and absurd jealousy????

    You have some serious mental problems.

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    Why do you think they are trying to break you to up? What has happened to make you think that. Because if you are just trying to have her drop her friends in favor of you, then you are waaaaaaay too controlling and need to go away.

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    COUNSELING!! You two need to sit down and have a long chat about what is important to both of you. If things have changed, cut your losses while it is early and damage is minnimal. I recommend counseling

  • Cherri
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    1 decade ago

    Ask her to chose, her friends or you. Let her know how you feel about them. If you do not feel that this is the right thing to do then find someone else that can appreciate you.

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