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Hook up a webcam to a computer monitor?

A friend of mine has worked in a basement office for years, and misses having a window. I am wondering if there's a way to hook up a webcam (located upstairs, aimed outside) to a monitor in her office, to both provide a little light and a look onto the outside world. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Get a network cam and simply have it opened and running on a pc elsewhere- I do it in my Basement from cams in the Alps- It makes my Game room a real neat place. I trimmed out the monitors flush in the wall to look like windows. Everyone loves them-

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    I don't think you can connect a web cam strage to a Monitor, you might could connect a normal camera to a monitor but who knows. Most web cams need to go through a computer somehow. He could set it up to on the computer he is working on.

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    Yes, you can.

    You just need some patch cables.

    The connector is a simple 1/8 inch plug.

    Look for it at Radio Shack.

    Radio Shack is a little more expensive but their quality is unparalleled.

    Good luck

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