How do I get the Better Business Bureau Logo to work in my "Signature"?

I have cut and pasted the logo into my Signature, and when you check, it is there. But when I send an e-mail, the Signature just shows an empty white box where the logo should be ???

I have contacted the Better Business Bureau, and they say they have the same problem!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Well, since the Better Business Bureau said that they too were having the same problem, you can rest assured that the problem lies not with you but with the browser's inability to display the image. And while upgrading to Explorer 7 might help in some cases, you must remember that once you do, you shall no longer see those special little characters from the Character Map, like this ♥♣♠★♫ (unless you uninstall it, which is what I did once I realized this).

    Source(s): Sometimes, a damaged, corrupted, or large file does this.
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    4 years ago

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